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    Audeze LCD-4

    Use this Put 200 in the first field and 97 in the second. Edit: You need about 200mW at 200ohm to blow out your ears.
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    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    I guess if Sankar keeps a pair for himself then it's 69 for the rest of the world
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    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    Why not 69 units?
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    XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

    Hi, can any owner of xDuoo XD05 Plus Black please tell me if the unit looks black or kinda grayish?
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    Audeze LCD-4

    Yes especially because I think they had an incident a few years ago where a bunch of LCDs were stolen.
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    Audeze LCD-4

    Understandable. Audeze Support is legendary. They are one of the most helpful in the industry. I have never had a driver failure personally and I have owned a pair of LCD 2, LCD 3 and 2 pairs of LCD 4. Also Audeze has infinite level Warranty Transfers while Abyss restricts it to 1 transfer...
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    Audeze LCD-4

    Not sharing everything on Headfi but I def am not comfortable with being their customer again.
  8. OPAMPS FOR SALE: Sparkos SS3602, 2x Burson V5i-D, AD827SQ, MUSES02, MUSES03

    Selling the following OPAMPS: OPAMP Quantity Left Cost per unit Sparkos Labs SS3602 1 $35 Burson V5i-D x2 1 $35 AD827SQ 3 $30 MUSES02 1 $20 MUSES03 2 $30 Buyer pays shipping. For every additional purchase after the first one, $5 discount will be added to the order. For example...
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    New Oriolus Stack - BD20 DAC, BA20 AMP, SE02 EQ, 1795 BT Receiver and more...

    It does. I am selling such a cable if interested
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    USA Same Day Delivery from Audio46

    Can you guys add VE Monks to your lineup so I can use same day delivery for them?
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    Abyss Diana DMF headband

    Contact Abyss directly through email. They will sell you one.
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    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    64 Audio A12t. Still my favorite IEMs in the 64 Audio lineup.
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    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    I am in the process of doing that. Ordering a pair of Utopia soon