Head Gear Reviews by scrypt
  1. AudioQuest DragonFly Asynchronous USB DAC

    4.00 star(s)
    But why are there no forefinger drives?  Why, why, in the name of Western Digit-Skull?    
  2. V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-ear Headphone

    3.00 star(s)
    I don't intend to rate or review the festive Gunmetal Black Crossfade LPs.  I wish only to say what Head-fi's strangely inclusive database will not -- that I owned them ever-so-briefly but no longer do.     You can admire the look, build and accessories, but in order to keep the headphones themselves, you have to actually enjoy the way they sound.     Let that be a lesson to me.   I wanted to like the LPs -- really, I did -- only they triggered scary feelings from childhood sessions with a false memory syndrome therapist.  Either he...
  3. Beyerdynamic DT-831

    3.50 star(s)
    How can any human, living or otherwise, fail to appreciate the Santa-Claus-furred-ear-cradling Luftwaffe severity of these utterly closed and bright side-intelligencers?  They deliver the analytical groceries with icicles to spare.   Trust me when I tell you they'll sound even brighter once you're dead.  Sonic knife-tossing is especially prized among the black gas etherea of Chaos, and these phones, what with their forward-looking miniplug and backward-staring deco cross grilles and tinted B&W Color Scheme of the Dead, throw auditory shapes as...