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    RockHopper M3

    Pics added.
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    Random Cables, all OBO

    Hey guys, need to clean house a little. I've been out of the game a while, so I no longer know what anything is worth, and dont really have the time to find out. So, everything here is OBO. Make an offer, never know what youre gonna get cheap. Jumbo Dock. Perfect condition. Canare F-12 mini...
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    FS: RSA SR-71

    Hey all, haven't been here in a year or so, hows it going? Need to clean up a little bit, funds are low. This little amp is freaking phenomenal, and I never use it, so to a loving home it goes. Functionally and cosmetically perfect. No idea what its worth, so this will OBO Send an...
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    Sold jeff a pair of 2005 DT-990s. Flawless transaction. Thanks!
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    RIP Ahmet Ertegun

    Apparently he suffered the head injury that eventually lead to his death while attending a Rolling Stones concert. At age 83. I hope I die still doing what I love. Oh, and poster #2, I wouldn't call the founder of Atlantic Records "obscure" at all.
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    The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani's 2nd Album just out.

    Quote: Originally Posted by markl They were playing it in a music store I was in the other day. Too much rap/hip-hop influence, not nearly enough New Wave/Ska. The previous album was pushing it as it was, IMO. She seems to have given up her musical identity to become a rap poseur...
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    Will it Blend?

    Who the hell is this guy?? Hilarious!
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    I'm In the Wrong Business...

    Money is a social construct, begun in early civilizations (Mayans?), with the sole purpose of exchanging a universal measurement of value for a service. I don't think many would argue that somewhere along the way, something got all out of whack. I think the deliciously ironic thing is...
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    I'm In the Wrong Business...

    This is unbelievable. Can you even *imagine* getting a check this Christmas for $100 million?
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    Just saw the trailer for the new Frank Miller-based movie, "300." Looks pretty swell.
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    Mozart's 40th symphony played...

    wow. to think of the productive things he could have done with that time... pretty cool though.
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    Famous quotes by Patrick82

    Quote: Originally Posted by Aman I've only seen one picture that's actually Patrick's (and it's not even a picture of him). It's that strange tripod-vintage-printer looking contraption... Those pictures are not him. I got repulsed looking at them all the same, but those are just...
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    Sufjan Stevens Christmas EPs

    I dont know how many of you are Sufjan-aholics like I am, but I was unaware that the Christmas EPs were now available as a box set! I just ordered mine. I love these records a whole lot, so just FYI. Theyre available on the asthmatic kitty website. Pretty cheap too, $21 shipped for all 5 EPs.
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    Post your Toothbrush thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by discord You would die in medical school? If I couldn't feel like I had clean teeth? Most assuredly.
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    Post your Toothbrush thread

    I'm pretty sure I would shrivel up and die if for some reason I was forbidden from using my sonicare. I freaking love that thing.