Artist, Musician, Audiophile, Audiophile of the Year for 2014.
Playing guitar with my band The Exploration Project. On Facebook.. The Exploration Project
All forms of music; recording, Live performance, production; living and breathing Music 24 hours a day for all my life. Culture, Art, Museums, Travel,
Headphone Inventory
Stax Headphones- 3- 4070s
3- Sigma Panoramic Pros
3- Sigma Panoramic Non Pros
2- SR 507s
1- SR 407s
Sennheiser 1 HD 800s
Koss 3 Q5 Quadraphones
4- 2+2 Quadraphones
4- Ambient./Comparators
Headphone Amp Inventory
Stax SRM007t Amplifier, SRM007ta, Stax SRA 12S, Stax SRDX Pro Portable Adapter, Stax SRDX Non Pro Adapter, Stax SRM1/MK2 non pro Amplifier
Headroom Balanced Max Headphone amp with Alps Attenuator and DAC.
Source Inventory
Wadia IPod Doc 170(2), McIntosh MT 10 Turntable, McIntosh MVP881 BR Universal Disc Player.Teac 3340s Reel to Reel,
Tascam ATR 24 track, 2 inch, studio mastering reel to reel machine.
Tascam ATR 16 track, 1 inch, studio mastering reel to reel machine.
HP Desk top computer,
I Pod Classics
Cable Inventory
Monster Cable, Anti Cables Speaker Cables (16)
Power-Related Components
McIntosh Labs MC 1.2KWs (4), McIntosh Labs MX 135 Preamp Surround Sound Processors (2), McIntosh MVP881BR Player, McIntosh MT10 Turntable(2) McIntosh MEN 220(2), McIntosh MC 501 Monoblock Power Amp-for center Channel (1)

PS Audio Power Plant Premiers (2)
Other Audio Equipment
Teac 3340 Reel to Reel(2), Large Cerwin Vega D9s (4),Cerwin Vega CMX 212s(4), 70 Inch Sony Blue Ray Rear Projection Television, PC computer for internet radio stations and servers.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Cable Isolators (16), Adona Corporation Reference Amplifier Stands. Adona Corporation Signature Component Racks.
Music Preferences
Long Extended musical pieces that have a lot of development and intellectuality. These pieces must have a lot of instrumentation. Lately and as a guitarist/conceptual artist/musician, I am tired of all the attention given to singers- such as exists in the pop world. I look forward to the day when the musician with his or her instrument regain the attention that they once had.
Guitars, Synth Machines,


 Stax SRM007t. Stax SRM007ta,  4070s,Sigma Pro & Non Pro, Mcintosh Labs- 4-MCi.2KWs, 2MX 135, 2 MEN 220s, 1-MC 501, 2 MT10s, 1 MVP 881BR, 2-Teac 3340s, 2-Wadia IPod Docking Stations, 4 Cerwin Vega D9s, 4 Cerwin Vega CMX 214s, 1 Sony 70 Inch BR TV, 1- Acoustic Researh PH1 Phono Stage, 2-PPPs, 1 Sennheiser HD800, I Headroom Balanced Max Alp DAC.