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    Audio-Technica Bundle ATH-M70x, ATH-M50xBT, ATH-M50x

    I am trying to clean house a little to make room for other things. These three headphones have very little use, the M50xBT have probably less than an hour of use on them. All are in fantastic condition, the pads on all them look virtually un-used. The M70x are by far my most favorite paid of...
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    FS Bose 700 Silver NC Headphones Only 30 Days Old

    these are no longer available thx
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    FS Bose 700 Silver NC Headphones Only 30 Days Old

    Price reduced to $330. That includes shipping and all fees.
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    FS Bose 700 Silver NC Headphones Only 30 Days Old

    I tried these out for a month and decided they just weren’t what I needed in my collection and I was literally 4 days over the return date on Amazon. I can provide the Amazon receipt if need be, they were purchased on August 15th for $399. They are basically in new condition. I used them maybe a...
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    FS: Bose QC25 and SoundLink II

    The SoundLink II's are sold.   I can let the QC25's go for $179 plus $10 priority mail conus. They are in super great condition with original box. Thanks. Scott
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    Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones W/ FiiO E90K Amplifier, Extra Cables LNIB

    These headphones haven't been used but twice. It includes the FiiO amplifier and cables I bought to power the 598's, and it works great with these headphones. Including a shorter nylon braided cable for the 598's. Everything here is basically in like-new condition and comes in the original...
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    Your Ear's Sound Development?

    After reading through a bunch of posts I was wondering from those who consider themselves to have a "developed" ear for different headphones, and sound in general, what is your fine tuning process or way to develop your ear?   I currently use maybe 6-8 different headphones for different...
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    Aurisonics ROCKETS: Impressions Thread

    Anyone have a favorite tip to go with these in ears? I still love the sound, but I blew through the ones included, then ordered "Comply Tsx-500 Comfort PLUS Earphone Tips" and made the mistake of ordering a mixed size instead of just the Medium and I went through those pretty quick as well...
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    Aurisonics ROCKETS: Impressions Thread

    I moved from contacts to glasses and so am now trying to move away from my big cans and into better IEM's as the over ear bugs me with my glasses. I'm really interested in the Rockets for every day all around use? Right now, IE wise, I'm in a pair of QuietComfort 20i's and various base model...
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    Braided Replacement Cable Bose QC25 2.5mm/3.5mm

    Just in case someone else had the same question or was trying to find a 2.5mm/3.5mm replacement cable my Sennheiser 598's actually used the same cable. The only difference was a twisting cable lock the 598's use, but they fit perfectly in the QC25 headset, so I'm guessing any replacement cable...
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    Braided Replacement Cable Bose QC25 2.5mm/3.5mm

    Well that didn't really answer my question but thanks anyway, I've already bought them and with a very noisy neighbor I do happen to like them. I wanted a braided cable (I should say, a nylon braided outer casing) for the simple purpose of having a nice cable that won't tangle up, has nothing to...
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    Braided Replacement Cable Bose QC25 2.5mm/3.5mm

    I am sure this has been covered somewhere, somehow, but I can't find a solid answer anywhere... any info would be great.   Ever since I picked up the Bose QC25's late last year I've been trying to find a nice replacement cable, preferably a nice braided cable with the inline mic but if I can...
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    44.15 lbs 54.15 lbs 64.15 lbs
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    HD 598 vs HD 600/650

    I haven't had my 598's very long but I really wish I could listen to a direct comparison between the 598's and the 650's. I find that listening to classical pieces at least the mid's and high's of the 598's are outstanding. When I want to listen to something more in the pop-range of genre's I...