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    Audeze iSine Launching event at Scheherazade,South Korea

    Launching event for Audeze iSine was held on Jan 11 in Scheherazade, South Korea.   It was the first look of iSine in South Korea and many people came to the event to join the session.   Here is the sketch for the day. Please take a look.                      ...
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    Review by 'Scheherazade' on item 'HUM Pristine Dual BA IEM'

      Specifications Manufacturer: Hum Driver Type: Dual Balanced Armature (Knowles CI & ED) Frequency Response: Unknown Sensitivity: Unknown Accessories: CX1 Cable, Pelican 1010 Hard case, Sleeves(small, medium, and large), ear wax removing tool   Summary Design: Neat and beautiful inner...
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    Review by 'Scheherazade' on item 'Effect Audio X Empire Ears : "Merlin"'

    Summary - Merlin : Merlin(Empire Ears/Earphone units) + Rowan(Effect Audio/Cable) - Empire Ears Spartan’s base tuned - 4 balanced armature drivers(1 high, 2 midranges and 1 bass) - Gold plated copper is used for Rowan cables - Wide soundstage and great punchy sound - Unique voice texture...
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    Review by 'Scheherazade' on item 'Effect Audio X Empire Ears : "Arthur" '

    People focus their auditory attention on a particular stimulus while filtering out a range of other stimuli, which is called ‘Cocktail Party Effect’. Similarly, Music doesn’t offer only some notes. There is a lot of information in music. You need to be trained to hear every sound in music.  ...
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    Scheherazade recommendation : Animation Music

    Now, Let’sbegin with new recommendedsongs and earphones         Last Stardust – Aimer Fate/Stay night – The soundtrack of Unlimited Blade Works, episode 20.     The first song is LAST STARDUST which is the soundtrack of Unlimited Blade Work(UBW Route for short), 2014 animated based on...
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    Effect Audio X Empire Ears - Introducing "ARTHUR" , [USA & Europe Tour]

    We already got Arthur in Nov for our store and here is impression for this. Please check this if you are interested in Arthur.   You can also try Arthur in Scheherazade which is in South Korea.
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    Why head-fi shop called Scheherazade? : Brand List

    * Scheherazade         Scheherazade is a princess who saved her life by entertaining her brutal lord with fascinating tales for a thousand and one nights. The king, consumed with curiosity, postponed from day to day the execution of Scheherazade, and finally repudiated his bloody vow...
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