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    Zorloo Ztella USB C DAC impressions thread

    I think there is a good chance that yours could be defective. I asked about this before back on Kickstarter and they told there won't be any hiss even in high sensitive earphones. I checked it with SE846, which known to have hiss with most of the DAC's don't any hiss whatsoever in Ztella
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    Meet The FiiO M7: An Exynos 7270-Powered HiFi Music Player

    I made a mistake in upgrading firmware previously. Accidentally downgrade instead of upgrading. Now it works. Thanks.
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    Meet The FiiO M7: An Exynos 7270-Powered HiFi Music Player

    Hi, In the description, it is mentioned that I can install any app in new firmware. But when browse with file manager, it does not show any apk files.
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    USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

    Hiss is something to do with earphone impedance and DC current leakage in the idle state. This current is very small, so hiss only occurs with low impedance earphones. For instance VE Odyssey HD has hiss on my earphones which has impedance less than 16ohm. IMR R1 Zenith does gives some hiss. Any...
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    WTB: LG V30S, LG V35, LG V30+

    Have you tried Aliexpress?
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    New Vsonic VS Series

    It maybe strange coincidence but you mentioned about VSD3 and listing mentioned VS3 in VS9 listing. So it is almost certain that you are the seller and trying to scam others.
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    IEM with Emotional Vocals

    Thanks for the response. I bought mh755 as it is known to tuned for Harman Target Curve. Which sounds decent, but not what I was looking for in an iem. So I am doubtful about KPE. As for Campfire IO, as I read in two reviews it's main flaw is mid range. "Cons - - Can sound somewhat too...
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    IEM with Emotional Vocals

    I am looking for IEM with emotional vocals. I don't know if the term is correct, what I'm looking for is which give goosebumps in certain vocal, for instance Matt Cradle, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in X Factor, or Adele - Someone like you live at Royal Albert Hall. Something that gives you...
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    FlaresPro/FlaresGold by Flare Audio

    Thanks for the link. Too bad, they only ship to UK
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    FlaresPro/FlaresGold by Flare Audio

    Can you give me the link? I can't seems to find it.
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    Meet The FiiO M7: An Exynos 7270-Powered HiFi Music Player

    I would love this feature. Turning screen 180 degrees, it will be very practical.
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    (SOLD): Trinity Phantom Master 6 (Matt Black) EU

    If this is actually PM6( Which includes 4 BA's), I am interested. Already bought one here on HF and it only had dual dynamics.
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    2X Zero Audio Tenor, 2x Sony MH1

    I PM'd you. Hope you could ship international.
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    2X Zero Audio Tenor, 2x Sony MH1

    Still available?
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    FS: NuForce Primo 8's

    Would you consider international shipping?