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    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    LOL, well yeah you will probably get the very best sound out of them that way but that is a bit extreme. 
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    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    Again, removing the foam can only lessen the distortion from sound waves that bounce back and change the waveform that is traveling towards your ear. It does not make sense to stick foam in an open headphone. One can only assume Sennheiser did it to make them sound worse than the HD 598's.
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    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    It certainly does not make them less detailed, removing the foam is bound to lower the distortion a bit. Improved dynamics is also a possibility but I did not notice that.    I did not notice much a difference either except the sound stage.   IMO the HD 558's are worth getting a good...
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    HD600 vs HD650 vs Maddogs vs DT880's for metal/rock and all-round use.

    Quote:   Well whoever wrote that is dumb. All I listen to on the HD 580/600/650's is rock an electronic and they're amazing.    I don't think many people take Grado seriously any more. They are only for people who like insanely bright/inaccurate sound.    Certainly avoid the...
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    Best amps portable and desktop for HD650 under $350usd New Used or Refurbished

    Quote: Individual units? No, I've just owned a hybrid amp and I didn't understand the draw of it, it just sounded distorted. Only what I have rad about A-GD gear has scared me a away.   BTW EQing with amps is a terrible idea, I have tried it and it is better just to use an EQ.
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    Upgrade for modded HD555 around £250?

    Hmmm, well the HD 580/600's are a bit brighter and more dynamic - you might be able to get a used pair of those. Otherwise look to the crazy bright brands like Beyerdynamic if you want something very different (and totally inaccurate). 
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    What headphones are you currently rocking?

    I spent a couple hours today listening to my dad's HD 558's. They were great, you don't even need anything more expensive for sublime sound really.
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    USB or S/PDIF

    Nonsense, it doesn't matter. Use USB for convenience. 
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    The O2 of Tube Amps ?

    The O2 is an antithesis of a tube amp. . . 
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    DIY amp/DAC with better measurements than O2/ODAC?

    No kool aid and no microphones in amp testing lol. . . do some more research.    The Objective duo sounds great if you like actual hi-fi. If you like distorted low-fi it will not be enjoyable. Distortion sounds so much better to so many people but to me it just sounds bad.   Also if the...
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    HD650 issue

    The HD 555's modified to be the HD 595's sound darker than the HD 650's, so you probably just don't like their smooth sound signature.
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Yes we all know that this forum censors anything that could hurt its interests with its sponsors - or you should know if you don't.    On topic tho, I did pick up a used pair of HD 555's to compare to the HD 650's to see how much of a difference there is. Some people in this thread said they...
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    Most detailed Mid to Hi-Fi headphones?

    Quote: All of them except the HE-5 and HE-6 Apparently.
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    Most detailed Mid to Hi-Fi headphones?

    So far Sennheisers for me. Certainly not a HiFiMAN, they have very high distortion, quite low-fi. AKG's are just OK, nothing special. Have not tried a Beyer.