San Raal
Ex- Audiophile with severe hereditary hearing loss on one side, no longer active on head-fi.
PC gaming. DIY
Farscape/B5 - Greatest SciFi
Star Trek
Board Games (Mage Knight 4tw)
Weber BBQ - Yes Ive BBQ a turkey :)
Growing vegetables and gardening.
Diablo III
World of Warcraft
Elite Dangerous
Headphone Inventory
K1000 w. SAA Endorphin
Grado PS1000 with custom HD800 cable socket by Deco Audio w. SAA Endorphin
HD800 w. SAA Endorphin
Grado SR225 for PC gaming
Headphone Amp Inventory
Woo Audio 5 - Woo Trixed. 12SN7 w. adapter, Takatsuki 300B, WE422A. Further mods include Mundorf SIO coupling capacitors. Audionote tantalum resistors.
Mapletree EAR HD150SE for gaming- Customised by Deco Audio, silver in cotton point to point.
Source Inventory
Michelle Orbe - SME IV - Audionote IQ3 cart

Mapletree Ultra 4SE Phono Stage - Extensive mods by Lloyd and Deco audio - 12sc7 converted to 12ax7, Mundorf Polyprop PSU Caps, Nordost umbilical, Mundorf GSIO coupling caps. Volume, Channel and Source selector bypass. GE 5751 5*, Russian 1578, Tung Sol 6X5

Empirical Audio Overdrive DAC w. 192 USB ultra clock. Sigma Linear PSUs by AMB labs - built by Deco Audio.

Schiit Modi2 DAC
Cable Inventory
Stephan Audio Art Endorphin HD800 plug w. HD800 treatment
Stephan Audio Art Endorphin HD800 plug w. PS1000 treatment

Audionote silver Vx SME cable
Kondo silver litz tonearm cable

Nordost Valhalla mains (Crazy I know)
Nordost Brahama mains
Nordost Vishnu mains
Nordost USB

Custom Shiva umbillicals for Mapletree Ultra4SE and Woo WA5

Chord Sarum and Indigo+ RCA
Chord Signature
Power-Related Components
Isotek Nova
Other Audio Equipment
Something Solid XLR Shelving
Glenn adapters for 596 to 5U4G, EZ80 to 6X5, 12SN7 to 6SN7, WE422a
Music Preferences
Anything that carries a tune, but not modern pop or R&B
Apple i-thing fanboy :)
IT and software manager for a communications company in the UK.