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    AKG K812(?) Professional Headphones - coming soon

    Here's to hoping it's a new flagship!
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    A Super-Simple 6DJ8 Headphone Amp

    Well the socket I have at the moment is really hard to get the tube into and doesn't quite fit in properly, I've ordered a new socket which should fit the tube more snug. Pretty sure I considered it not a grounding problem because it didn't change when I touched stuff. I think it might be the...
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    Melbourne Meet Saturday 13/7/13

    Hey! Could you please put me down as a maybe for the 2nd meet as I may not be in Melbourne! Also I've just got some 65th Annie pads for my K702's which I'll bring, if parts come in time I may be able to bring a small tube/MOSFET amp I'm building and I can also bring my Rockit R50s Billy sold...
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    A Super-Simple 6DJ8 Headphone Amp

    Just started mine! Although now I have to wait for the bulk of the parts because no stores in Australia seem to carry nice caps or any transistors. Going to use a nichicon 4700uF cap for C103 and Vought some rifa caps for c101 and c201, the tube is gonna be a JAN spec Philips 6922 and I'm gonna...
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    Looking to upgrade from AKG K702

    Good to hear! Nah no trouble at all putting the original pads on, its a bit finicky getting the Annie pads on but nothing on the headphone is actually changed, its really easy to put the old ones on.
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    Looking to upgrade from AKG K702

    My AKG K702 65th Anniversary pads finally came! Spent some time with them, at first I didn't notice a huge difference straight away but now listening with one pad on each ear the differences are immense. Listening to 'Twenty Zero One' by Jamiroquai reveals that the new pads add heaps of...
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    Review by 'samwell7' on item 'Rockit Sounds R-50'

    I love accuracy and detailed audio reproduction and I was looking to get a set of Etymotic HF5's but after talking to Billy at Noisy Motel I was introduced to the Rockit R50, these had unbelievably good write-ups here on head-fi and are a great price so I thought I need to check them out. ...
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    SOLD: [Price Drop!] Like-new Sony MDR-SA3000

    PM'd you! from Australia :)
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    General Consensus DT880 600Ω Burn In Time?

    Quote: Oh, well there ya go, thanks for your insight.  Hopefully it isn't the case though, haha I'm hoping TunneLVisioN42 can chime and confirm/deny the sound differences.  Some people have said that the bass and mids become a lot more present after the burn-in period which is what I'm hoping
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    General Consensus DT880 600Ω Burn In Time?

    Quote: Hey I'm in the same position you were, I'm trying to loosen them up a bit with some noise (have around 40 hours) but I'm quite unimpressed with their sound sig, I've read a few reviews were people say after a few (100+) hours the mids and bass become more prominent and I did...
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    AKG K 702, sennheiser HD 600, Beyerdynamic DT 880 [Review]

    Quote: WOW I'm exactly the same! I have all 3, well I just sold my HD600's and I'm still trying to work out which I like more out of the DT880's (600 ohm) and the K702's. I've had the K702s for around 9 months but my 880's are still only a week old, a few people have said that they...
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    Review by 'samwell7' on item 'Sony MDR-7520 Professional Headphones'

    These just rocked up. Amazing clarity and accuracy to their sound, everything sounds ridiculously balanced and the instrument separation is awesome.  Haven't spent enough time with them yet to write a detailed review but so far all I can say is WOW. Build quality is great, all magnesium...
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    Does anybody recognise these IEM's as the OEM (rebrand) of something else?

    Quote: Oh gosh, I think you're right.  Guess I won't be buying them then haha
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    Roll Call for Team AKG

    Quote: same hehe ;)
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    Looking to upgrade from AKG K702

    Quote: Thanks for the very detailed review! I've definitely gotta try them now haha you sort of described it as a better Senny HD600 with more treble! which is a good thing :)  After exams I'm gonna go to the local store and have a look (hopefully they have them in stock) I've also...