Head Gear Reviews by salla45
  1. LZ-A4

    5.00 star(s)
    This is going to be a very non-technical and subjective review mainly about the ergonomics and sound quality of these unsung beauties, and doesn't include much stuff about the packaging, unboxing, accessories, filters etc, as this has been done before by far more literate folks than me :) I was recommended these by Headfier Turrican a few months ago or so who was raving about them alongside his K3003's which we both posess incidentally. I declined to purchase at that time due to cash flow and Roon also caught my eye around that time and I took the...
  2. Adam Audio A5X Powered Studio Monitor (5.5 inch, 100 watts)

    5.00 star(s)
    INTRO: The Chord phenomenon (or how it opened my ears to enjoying music more)    To get to the hear of the matter, I have been shopping on and off for some highly resolving monitors in order to exploit as much of the potential of my Chord Mojo as possible since I bought mine back in late 2015.    The Chord Mojo has an almost surreal ability to deconstruct music and reassemble it in an intelligible and highly detailed, layered, manner. I had achieved "nirvana" in the headphone department (on a cost-effective level at least) with my K3003 IEMs and...
  3. RIVA Turbo X High Performance Premium Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

    5.00 star(s)
    INTRO and INITIAL IMPRESSION   I bought the Riva Turbo X after doing a bit of online homework and also after having bought a Fugoo for my wife for her birthday (jealous!!).   The reviews were hyping me up really badly and I must admit I was taken in hook, line and sinker.   I was originally going to go for the Fugoo XL, but after reading all the reviews touting the Riva as being the "best thing" from a sound quality point of view, I went with them.   This review is primarily intended as a subjective sound quality and general impressions...
  4. Chord Electronics Mojo

    5.00 star(s)
    (EDIT: I don't understand why, if you put all sliders to max ,they don't appear maxed when published - ie Audio Quality, Design, etc..! )   Equipment: PC playing music via Foobar and Tidal, through USB connected Mojo and K3003 iems. Secondary source, Samsung S5 with USB Audio Pro Player. Material, wide range of CD ripped flac, HD flacs and DSD files.     Introduction...   Sorry about this, folks. I've written rather a lot here. I felt that there simply wasn't enough on the web about how this little device transforms our listening experience...
  5. AKG K3003

    5.00 star(s)
    (edited note - for some reason I am giving these 10/10 for Audio Quality, but they are appearing as one notch less. Not sure why!)   Introduction   To begin, would like to explain a little about my self and what makes me "tick" as regards audio equipment.   First off, I am no head-fier. I have enjoyed audio reproduction for the last 30 years or so, and specifically enjoy an out-of-the-box soundstage experience with conventional loudspeakers; kit which just disappears and leaves the music behind.   I purchase audio equipment for the sole...