Headphone Inventory
ZMF Verite Closed in desert ironwood
HiFiMAN HE-1000

Vintage Denon AHD-700 (A long time ago, like mid to late 1980's, I thought these sounded better in the bass than the Sony MDR V6, so I got them. At the time the MDR V6 were $100 and the Denons were $120. Back then those were considered to be extremely high prices for headphones.)

Previously owned:
Denon AHD-7000 with Lawton modifications.
Sennheiser HD 600
Stax Lambda Pro Signature, 2 pairs, one of which had the newer 404 diaphragm.
Headphone Amp Inventory
David Berning MicroZOTL2 !

Previously owned:
Audio GD Compass
Oppo HA-1
Stax SRM T1
Ramsey SHA-1
Source Inventory
Arcam irDAC with upgraded power supply.

ProJect CD Box S player with upgraded power supply, Sony Discman.

It would be possible to hook into the tape loop of Odyssey Tempest Extreme Preamp in my main system; source there is an Onkyo DPC 8.5 and DAC is a Dodson 217 with 218-like upgrades and cryo treatment.

Listen mostly through my computer with the Arcam IrDAC. The CD player and a Parasound REQ-150 are also in the chain. The REQ-150 is usually on bypass mode, but can be used if equalization is desired. I don't use the REQ-150 very often.
Power-Related Components
Using an older Powervar for my headphone rig and the associated computer.
Other Audio Equipment
Home system features Intuitive Design Summit loudspeakers and 2 Rel Storm 3 sub-bass units.

Onkyo DPC 8.5 Universal Player/Changer
Dodson 217 DAC (with cryo and 218-like upgrades; now with "Palladium" upgrade)
Odyssey Audio Tempest Extreme preamp
Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblocks (upgraded by Klaus Bunge)
Audio-Related Tweaks
For the 2 channnel system: Shunyata Hydra; DAKIOM Feedback Stabilizers; Stillpoints, Sistrum Platform, Brass Points.


Source: Either the USB output of my Lenovo computer or a Project Box S CD player. CD player has upgraded PS.
DAC: Arcam irDAC with upgraded power supply.
Amplifier: The venerable MicroZOTL 2. It took me 5+ years to decide to upgrade to their linear power supply, because it already sounded so great with the original (entry level, switching) power supply.
Headphone cable: ZMF 2K Copper (10 feet long) for the VC; ZMF Verite Silver Hybrid (6 feet long) for the HE-1000 V1
Headphones: ZMF Verite Closed in desert ironwood; HiFiMAN HE1000 (original version).