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    DITA The Modular - Whiplash Audio Edition

    Yes we certainly modify Ditas!! Please contact me and I will assist you in this process. We have been very successful with no issues with our process.    Thanks! Craig
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    I love minidisc - is that weird?

    I have the top of the line Sony MD. I LOVE it. I cant say its not favorite, but for sure its something different with top notch sound. Some of the hires recordings are AMAZING.    Craig
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    Whiplash still in business? Or they don't care?

    Hey everyone,   Im still in business and I really care!   I can give you a long speech as to issues I personally have, but its just excuses.   Please don't give up on me. I have hired more staff and things are definitely improving!   Please except my warm apology.   Craig Sanborn
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    The Sennheiser Orpheus 2? A First Look At The Sennheiser HE-1 (The New Orpheus)

    I have the previous Orpheus setup and if its even 15% better, thats mind blowing!!!
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    19 custom IEM/TF10/Shure/IE8 cables reviewed (Effect Pearl, Apollo, & Odin added 3/20/13)

    Hey!   I can recable almost any headphone with any wire. My site needs major updating. In fact we are building a new site... Sorry for the lack of information. PM me if you have any questions!!   Craig   PS - I like TWau
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    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

    Hey everyone. I wanted to remove my comments on moedawg140 great review. I didn't read the review correctly and for that fact, I may have stated things wrong or gave the wrong impressions.    Please accept my apology. I just wanted everyone to understand the modular system....     thats me...
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    Brand New : Tralucent Audio Ref.1 Too & original Ref.1

    Hey Guys...   I rarely post in headfi and for this very reason.    I cant believe that so many of you are saying that I don't answer emails when daily Im up to 4am 7 days a week answering emails. I have learned that lots of emails from outside US go into my SPAM folder or I just simply I...
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    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    yes - amazing results, but not the easiest to do!!!   Craig
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    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    Go NAIM!!! Love their stuff...   3003i is about the seal. Get that right, they are really good. There are so many C/IEMs out there. Its tough to choose whats best. IMO its about what works for you.    Craig
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    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

    We are getting caught up so yes its faster ship times!!
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    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

      Sorry for not jumping on this forum sooner.   TWau reference is just wire so that means I can make just about anything. Im posting my new AK240 TRRS cable tonight so I will make sure to update everything. Im waiting on my new site so I have to use old HTML straight up coding so its very...
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    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

    Yes generally correct. The OM cable since its molded is a slimmer profile and more durable. The non Om is for those who are looking for a more snug fit around the ear. Also for 8 conductor. It does come down to preference. In general, the OM is still our most popular cable...   Craig
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    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

      Please contact me at   I cant say anything since out of the thousands of cables we make, most are VERY happy, but some do see Whiplash at its worse. So, I will do my best.    Craig
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    Whiplash - have they gone missing?

    hey!   I don't see any email. Sorry of I missed it. We are getting very much caught up too.    Lemme check my PMs    Craig