Let the music move you!
Music of course!!
Headphone Inventory
UE Pro 10's, UE Pro 11's, Shure SE530, Senns HD600, Grado RS-2, RS-1, ED9's, ED9;s recabled with balance XLRs, HD 650 recabled with Moon Audio and SAA, GS-1000, AKG 701's, Sennheiser IE8, X-10, ATH ESW9a, ATH CK-10
Headphone Amp Inventory
Headroom Desktop MAX Loaded, Headroom Desktop Portable, SR-71a, Qables iQube, P-51, Hornet, Predator, Pico w/ DAC, Litle Dot Balanced with the best tubes I can possibly find, HR Ultra Micro, HR Desktop Balanced, HR MAX, Mini Millet Max, Mini Millet, Mni Milklet Max w/ Black Gates, PPA v2 modded, CTH, Pimeta...more........
Source Inventory
Changing Daily....
Cable Inventory
Qables SilverCab line Out to RCA with WBT connectors, Qables Silvercab 6" line out to 3.5mm, Pure Silver handmade RCA 1 meter interconnects, Lots of Whiplash Custom Cables
Power-Related Components
HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply
Music Preferences
SACD's and iPod Lossless rules...
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