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    Technical question considering armature drivers

    Hi! So the question is: How do armature drivers work? I do understand the overall operating priciple of dynamic and electrostatic drivers, but I can not find any information on the internet considering the armatures. Tried searching Google, tried Wikipedia too. Found nothing...
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    A question considering IEMs.

    All in all, the question is, which of of these sound signatures is closer to A-T ATH-CK7: Etymotic ER-6i Etymotic ER-4 Shure E4 / SE310 Shure E3 / SE210 Westone UM1 Westone UM2 UE 3 Studio UE 5 Pro Actually, my favourite is UE 5 Pro, but I'm a little bit...
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    A question considering IEMs.

    Hi! Yes, I know that such question is asked VERY frequently, but still.. Recently I broke my beloved Audio-Technica ATH-CK7. That was a great loss for me, and for now I'm listening to some crappy (well, not THAT crappy actually) iAudio stock earbuds. And now I need something, that would...
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    A question considering photography

    That was fast. Thanks!
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    A question considering photography

    Hello, everybody! I have a question that's not actually related to headphones and stuff, but I don't know any places like head-fi about photography. And I decided to ask it here. So, does anyone know any decent internet source about the basics of photography? The composition of the frame and...
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    Duell of 170€ flash players?!

    Nope. You can set your own wallpaper (which makes it even slower), but I can't see any signs of AlbumArt support.. To be honest, if I were you, I'd choose either Samsung, or an iPod nano with Rockbox. I just had the same problem recently (which I have solved via iaudio6), and I guess...
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    Duell of 170€ flash players?!

    Well, I don't know about Trekstor, but I do own an iaudio6. It is a marvellous player and all, having native FLAC support, an USB-Host, massive (and clean) 30mW of power per channel and 20 hrs battery life. But there is one small issue about it. It's slow.
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    Duell of 170€ flash players?!

    How about Creative Zen V Plus? You can get 4GB version for 124 Pounds here. Or a Meizu m6? This seems to be their official eBay shop..
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    Shopping for a DAP

    perhaps you could consider an ipod with rockbox installed? of course, it doesn't have replaceable battery, but the only HDD based DAP i know to have such feature is Sony NW-HD5. but you know Sony doesn't even play *.mp3 natively.. and as far as i know, iaudio is the only major (well, you...
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    Cheap Audio Technica - too good to be true?

    well, i've bought audio-technica ath-ec7 from of course, they aren't original AT phones, but still they sound WAY better than original sony buds for such price. there is, however a little problem with my ec7 - the cord started to disintigrate (right after the thingie that splits one...
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    Philips stuff: what is worth it?

    hey! i have a pair of Philips SHP805 and I'm really happy with them. well, actually I'm not a mature head-fi'er yet, but for my ears they suit nice. of course, they need a bit of EQ'ing to be more balanced, but i don't think you'll get such sound AND comfort for less then 30 euros anywhere else
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    audio-technica ec7 cord problem :(

    Thanks for the replies, guys! Now I'm still confident in the AT build & sound quality. guess I'll have to start saving money for the "AT Headphone Trip" to Japan. maybe it's a nice thing that I study japanese at the university
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    audio-technica ec7 cord problem :(

    thanks for the replies! btw, skyline889. do your original cm7 and fake ones have any visual differences? and, if it's not a secret, where did you buy the original ones?
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