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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    I ordered one from a local online shop. I think it's not genuine since it's so cheap but I couldn't find a genuine small size T400 here and I can't justify ordering it from the comply website as it cost as much as the zs5 with shipping. Is this ok? I think those are the same one sold on...
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    Question and help about burning in my new mdr 7506

    So I recently bought a sony mdr 7506 and use this --> on 75% of max volume for 4 hours and I just read the warning that I should not set the volume for more than 50%.. did it damage my headphone? I can't tell...
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    Sony MDR-7506

    I wanted to make a new thread but I can't So I'll just post it here I left my newly bought mdr 7506 on max volume for 1-2 hour. Will it damage my headphone?
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