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    SuperPro DAC + Rockhopper mini^3

    Selling my college setup which was replaced by NuForce DAC/AMP combo. Since these have been collecting dust, I'm pricing it to move.   Source: SuperPro DAC707   Amp: Rockhopper Mini^3   This combo has been a great transportable setup for me. Small form factors with great sound, very easy...
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    SOLD: Xin Supermini IV [pics]

    i sent you a PM with an offer, let me know what you think.
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    AMP size of sansa fuze for pk1s, um2s

    So I recently got the fiio e5 for my sansa fuze -> PK1s, but still think I can get more out of these things. So now I'm considering any amps that are near the size of a FUZE (1.9″ x 0.3″ x 3.1″) that would drive PK1s well and have good battery life. The most important dimension would be its...
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    WTB: Yuin PK1

    Looking for Yuin PK1s in US, payment via paypal. Thanks for looking
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    pa2v2 or cmoy or mini3

    I have and love the mini3. I used to have a meier move, but downgraded to free up some cash. I had some time to compare the two, and the move was better, but not by much. The mini3 is just a great value. Ive tried a MINT, which is a lot like a cmoy, and quite frankly, I didn't think it...
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    I purchased echaing's shure scl4s for a friend of mine. Told him i was in a bit of a hurry, and he shipped them out the next morning. Less than 72 hours between messaging him and them arriving and as described. Great guy to deal with.
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    REVIEW: Nuforce NE-7M iPhone IEM vs Denon C700 and Klipsch Image X10 (NE-8 Impressions Added 1/15/09)

    how thick is the stem on these things? are they the size of standard canal phones or skinnier? the t400 complys are the ones that westone uses, correct? does that mean that shure black foamies would fit? thanks
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    Cheapest DAC?

    If its really portable, I'm guessing you need it to run off a battery, or be powered by the notebook. Trouble is, if you're not using USB, it really can't be powered by your notebook. So that leaves battery powered, and the only portable DACs that run off battery that i can think of are DAC/amp...
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    I bought Chris's SuperPro DAC. The deal was extremely quick, and it came packaged well and in perfect condition as described. Chris is is a great seller, would definitely recommend doing business with him.
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    Will Ferrel cannot act

    I find him funny in moderate quantities. If I see too much of him, his style can get VERY annoying. But watching anchorman for the first time I thought was hilarious, although the supporting cast was a huge part of it. and no he can't act
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    WTB: Cheap, decent powered speakers. Also taking recommendations.

    Just lookin for some decent speakers that get relatively loud out of my laptop. My laptop's speakers don't get loud enough, so I just want some powered speakers that would fill a dorm room nicely. I would just buy some from amazon, but I figure the people here would have the best bargain...
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    I bought Anand's UM2s, deal went very quickly, and he shipped out asap. Came in great condition, great packaging. Highly recommended to deal with. -Reid
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    The Objectivist Audio Forum: Post #2 Definitions

    I've noticed many people (at least in the other thread) talking about how the differences that some things may make (cables, etc.) are below the threshold of human hearing. If blind testing is done at many meets in a rigorous and fair manner, I would not be too surprised to see that these...