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    The Apple diyMod: My Take on the Famous iMod [56k killer] Featuring 3G, 4G, 5G and nano 1G!

    Well, if you do the standard mod by removing/bridging the internal caps, then the relevant pins are the normal R/L ones (3/4 respectively). If you're doing any other mod, you'll have to think about what suits you according to what you do. Though since you ask, I recommend sticking to the...

    GrubDAC Step-by-Step Build Guide

    Wow. Kudos! To everyone in the loop who led to this DAC++! I love seeing the life here. I've been... programming. Neon assembly & C, for cool stuff but my lab was more fun!! 

    We Got Ti Kan (AMB) an HD800!

    Quote: Originally Posted by IPodPJ That's a really bad picture.... Harsh. He's either been spending his free time keeping us happy ( ) or getting his groove on in some psychedelic lighting with them new cans, rather than fiddling with white balance. Besides, Who needs white...

    AMB (Ti Kan) Appreciation Thread

    dude. you. are. awesome. !

    Gamma-2 (γ2) DAC Thread

    custom labels work hard, then play.

    Gamma-2 (γ2) DAC Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by nightanole .. question is how to convert the mini3 to desktop use only with no battery to go along with my gamma 1 i built... See how its going here! USB-Powered Headphone Amplifier? I'm not familiar with all potential complications, though.

    square wave mp3 = earphone damage?

    In my limited understanding, all digital players always have low pass filters on them since the sampling itself replicates all present frequencies around harmonics of the sample frequency. Also, your analog chain probably has some high pass filters in it too. Remember, its not just the single...

    y1 gamma-1 DAC

    You can reduce the volume of system sounds, which does take effect. (sound pref>sound effects). You could also route through an application called soundflower, and your system volume control will work. You could also route some apps through preferences if you want to get them out of your sound...

    Post pics of your builds....

    not bad for spare parts. looking good. What's the deal with common ground having its own cable, and not in the RCA? is it for coax cables, trying to keep better symmetry ?

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Lol. I'm sure you're still welcome here in the future

    Recabling my Ultrasone HFI 780's

    For me, at least, the navships SPC are a lot clearer, crisper and have better extension than stock cable for my PROLine 650's. The clarity increases the soundstage a bit too. The stock is rather dull in comparison. The copper starquads, btw, have about as much impact/improvement as navships SPC...

    γ1 vs Bantam vs Alien DAC

    The alien DAC and Bantam DAC are essentially the same DAC, design and (mostly)parts wise. The Bantam is a miniaturized Alien. The Bantam is tiny, and very cheap. It's an upgrade from most any integrated sound card, and even some dedicated cards. It's also got an amazing site that'll walk you...

    Tips on making a iPod Touch 2g LOD to RCA cable

    Basically, get all x2 Bonthouse's advice, but get some 1k resistors for porper touch 2g /iphone 3g compatibility. I forget the exact pins, but the IPOD LOD thread has all the info. here are some shots..

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Some may say that you should only connect the shielding to the ground on one end of the cable (the source end). I do it. It drains the interference currents.