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    Calyx DAC 24/192

    Hi:   I am selling my Calyx DAC 24/192 unit. It is an excellent DAC which I used for about a year then I upgraded to a PSAudio PWD II.  I am the original owner and the unit is in excellent condition. I upgraded the power supply (it can run off of the USB feed, but sounds much better with its...
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    6F8G to 6SN7 adaptor

    Hi:   Am selling a 6F8G to 6SN7 adaptor to use the Tung Sol VT-99 tubes in an WA5 and any other amp that uses a 6SN7 connection.   Can provide photo if needed.   Gaetano
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    Two Shuguang 50 year treasures CV181-Z tubes lightly used

    Hi:   Up for sale is a lightly used pair of Shuguang 50 year treasures CV181-Z tubes.   Can provide photos to anyone interested.   Gaetano
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    One Sophia Princess 274B tube

    Hi:   Lightly used Sophia Princess 274B tube.      Thanks for looking.   Gaetano
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    Three Sophia Electric Princess carbon plate 300B tubes

    Hi:   I have three Sophia Electric Carbon plate 300B tubes for sale. will sell one tube for $220, two tubes for $400 and all three tubes for $550. Very lightly used and they sound very nice.     Thanks for looking.   Gaetano
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    Two new in box AVVT 32B-SL tubes 300B compatible

    Hi:   I am selling my like new (used a couple of time to try them out) AVVT 32B-SL tubes which are 300B equivalents. I used them in my WA5 and they sounded very good. I have original shipping box and testing graphs for these tubes.    Thanks for looking.   Gaetano
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    Two JJ Electronics 300B vacuum tubes in boxes

    Hi:   Am selling two JJ Electronics 300B tubes. Only used one or twice. Like new.     Gaetano
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    Two Emission Labs 5U4G tubes in original boxes

    Hi:   I have two lightly used Emission Labs 5U4G tubes in their original boxes for sale. Will sell one tube for $200 or both for $360 or best offer.   Thanks.   Gaetano
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    Tung Sol VT-99 6F8G tubes Set of 5

    Hi:   I am selling NOS Tung Sol VT-99 tubes. I have 5 of them and will sell them each for $120 or all 5 for $550 or best offer.     Anyone interested I can send photos.   Thanks for looking.   Gaetano
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    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    Hey Crashem:   Yeh, Justin must really be busy. I really have not bugged him with regards to shipping my unit since putting down my deposit. But reading the posts here, these are getting shipped out, so just wanted to check on status as I have to arrange finances for the final payment. Would...
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    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    Hi Justin:   Been trying to get a hold of you. I put a deposit down on a BHSE over a year ago and last Nov or Dec (2014) got a request for front plate color. I have emailed you a week or two ago and did not get a response. I also PM'ed you here on head-fi a few weeks back and again have not...
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    Woo Audio 596 to 5U4G adaptors, Matching pair

    Up for sale is a matched pair of Woo Audio 596 to 5U4G adaptors to allow using the USAF 596 tubes with amps that use the 5U4G tubes. I purchased these adaptors directly from Woo Audio in 2012 and used them briefly, until I sold my WA5. So now it is time to sell them. I also have a listing for...
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    matched pair NOS USAF 596 Rectifier tubes

    Up for sale is are two pairs of NOS USAF 596 rectifier tubes. Selling each set for $300 a matching pair or will sell both pairs for $550. Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees.   Thanks for looking.
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    United Electric 596 tubes

    I am selling NIB NOS United Electronics 596 tubes. I have 4 of them and can sell as matching sets. Price is $90 per tube plus shipping via Canada post plus paypal fees.   These are amazing Rectifier tubes.   Thanks for looking.
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    Woo Audio WA-5 with all upgrades

    I found it seemed to deepen the sound out of the amp.