May 28, 2011
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    HIFI and Headphone listening. Following Soccer . DIY
    Beer Festivals Watching Football ( Soccer)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Senn HD650 With Steffan Art Audio Given to my son
    HD580 with Cardas Retired to cupboard
    Panasonic RP- HJE900 in Cupboard Senn CX500 broken
    AKG Q701 Retired to cupboard
    Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 broken cable
    4 sets of Phillips X1 with Toxic*Cable ( Now all Broken and gone)
    Denon D7100 with Silver Dragon Mk1 Given to my son
    Sennheiser HD800 with Balanced Cable and Toxic Silver Widow cable SE
    Grado PS1000 now repaired with e drives and with Ps1000e balanced cable
    Beyerdynamic T51P for MP3 players
    Audeze LCD-XC with silver balanced cable from China or Toxic copper/silver hybrid
    Hifiman HE 560 with OCC silver plated balanced cable In Cupboard
    Meze 99 Classics
    Audio Technica ATH W5000 with ALO 8 occ cable.
    Beyerdynamic T1 vs 2 with SE and Balanced cables
    B&W P7 for Personal listening
    Mr speaker Ether Flow with xlr DUM
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Oppo HA-2 for personal use
    Schiit MJOLNIR 2 with Russian valves
    Musical Fidelity MX-HPA
    Musical Fidelity M1HPA
    SPL Auditor Retired To Cupboard
    MF Xcan v3 with Rock Grotto Mods and and V3 power supply Retired To Cupboard
    MF Xcan V8 modified retired to Cupboard

    MF Xcan v1 with X power supply Retired to Cupboard
    Teac A-H01 usb power amp
    Teac UD-H01 usb dac headamp Given to my Son
    Hlly RMK-5( Beyer A1 chinese clone ) Retired to cupboard
    Matrix M stage headamp with audio gd earth op amps. Retired To Cupboard
    G&W TW-J1 Given to my son
    Source Inventory:
    Sony HAP-S1 for DSD playback
    Musical Fidelity M6 Connect HD Dac Player
    Sony NW-ZX100 for personal use
    Musical Fidelity Nuvista 2015 update Model
    Musical Fidelity M6 DAC for Computer Audio through Headphone amps
    Teac PD -501 for Hi Res and DSD playback
    Musical Fidelity A5 DAB
    Origin Live Sovereign Turntable with Illustrious Mk3c arm and using Cadenza Black Cartridge and Trichord Diablo Phono amp with NCPSU and upgrade cable
    Cyrus stream XP2-QX with external Power supply

    Teac ud 501 Dac

    Musical Fidelity V192 USB converter with outboard PSU into Nuvista CD player

    Musical Fidelity M1 Dac and MF X10 v3 Tube Buffer as combination (In Cupboard)
    Musical Fidelity DM25 Transport and DAC Part Exchanged
    Now NOT USING Linn LP12/ Alphason HR100s/ Heed Orbit supply
    Cable Inventory:
    Black Rhodium Candence DCT for Streamer and Turntable
    Ecosse The legend MK 2 for CD Tube output
    Acoustic Zen Silver Reference 11 XLR for Nuvista CD to Amp
    Neotech Sahara for Headphone Amp
    Neotech NEI1002 for PD501

    Neotech coaxial speaker cable NOS very rare in europe fantastic cable

    New sets of mains cables from Atlas UK Harmonic Technology Furutech and LAT AC-3 signature last one is the best by a long way

    Too Many others to list but nothing cheap LOL
    Power-Related Components:
    Musical Fidelity AMS 35 Integrated Amp.

    Spendor Statement ST speakers in carbon

    Musical Fidelity A308 Amp now broken (in Cupboard)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Marantz MCR 611 and Pioneer HM82 for other rooms

    Pioneer N50A for DSD network streaming into Headphone amps
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Tube Rolling in All MF compatible input units and now the MJOLNIR 2

    Special acrylic platforms under turntable and all other components

    Sorbothane pads under all components apart from Power Amp

    Power Supply Conditioning
    Music Preferences:
    Blues Rock Pop Jazz some Classical
    Power Tools and Cameras
    HIFI addict for 45+years
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