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    Fiio D3

    roker: I went back to read your post. How do you configure the sample rate on the D3? You mention that 192/24 is not even available in the menu. Some other member (digriz) mentioned having sound dropout problems in 192/24, so he returned his D3. Nobody so far has stated that 192/24 works fine on...
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    Fiio D3

    roker: thanks for your reply.   My question about 192 KHz/24 bits was due to some reports of the D3 dropping sound and having other glitches that made this mode unusable. Some rep from Fiio said that very few units had this problem, but I suspect this to be BS. That's why I was asking if...
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    Fiio D3

    What is the veredict regarding 192 KHz/24 Bits?   Forgive my ignorance, but is this mode necessary for blue-ray movies? I plan to use the D3 on a HDTV with no analog outputs, and it would be no use for me if it has problems decoding the audio from blue ray movies.   A second question: is...
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