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    Apogee Duet DAC ROCKS!

    A while back I posted some ideas about cables for the Duet. I made several back then and they turned out quite well. These cables are simple to construct. Here's the link:
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    Windows vs Mac vs Linux

    I've owned Macs ever since their beginning. I like them. I also like iTunes. Maybe I don't spend enough time on this forum. What makes iTunes "disgusting"? On, Gordon Rankin seems to be recommending iTunes, and he is alleged to make some of the finest dacs out there. I've tried...
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    Free Record Cleaning Machine

    Swim, man! Seriously, if no one wants these items, they are going to the trash. They've taken up space in my study for too many years.
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    Free Record Cleaning Machine

    I have an old Record Doctor RCM with the original instructions. I bought it over twenty years ago (back when it was sold from CA by the "record doctor" himself, and I used it often until purchasing a VPI a few years ago. I'd rather not sell it, as it does not have a lot of suction (it, never...
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    Quasi Poll: loudspeakers that you like as much as headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by vvanrij Yeah especially for the price, they are a real bargain.... The price would depend on when and where one bought them. But, of course, you would know that.
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    Quasi Poll: loudspeakers that you like as much as headphones

    My Verity Parsifal Encores sound far better than any headphone I've ever heard. Absolutely beautiful sound, dynamic, and enormous sound stage -- wide and deep.
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    Classic Records 200 gram vinyl problems

    I should have mentioned that my emphasis is classical records, and I never had a problem finding lots of great old records in fine shape, in fact, enough that I've given up buying any more. And I still think that the golden age classical recordings are as good as it gets. As you point out...
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    Classic Records 200 gram vinyl problems

    Can I ask why people are interested in buying reissues rather than seeking out original copies? OK, it's easier to just pay than to spend time looking for an old LP, but back when I was buying records hand over fist, I found that it was way more fun to try to find old records. I used to make...
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    Record flattening service?

    As another option, you might consider using a peripheral record clamp. I've tried various techniques with plate glass, sun, ovens at 120 degrees (F), etc. None really worked well, and I was always worried about damaging record grooves in the process. I bought a peripheral clamp five years ago...
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    Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-02

    Quote: Originally Posted by DennyL Ronfint in this thread (post 806) reports that Walker SST made a 'useful improvement'. Maybe he has some comments about possible galvanic effects. I'm smiling as I type this. I have no idea what a "galvanic effect" is. (I'm a mathematician, not...
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    LP -> Mac

    Thanks very much! I guess that ClickRepair is taking care of the impulse noise. (Is that right?) So I'm interested in the broadband noise. I've been trying Amadeus Pro recently, and often it works well using the FFT noise reducer turned way down. But sometimes this completely detroys the music...
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    Those who waiting Xin amp, post and get your date of arrival !

    I got back my SuperMacro IV today after a long absence. I forgot what a great amp this really is. Is it now much better than before? It is better, but my memory isn't good enough to say how great the difference is. My current opamp setup is OPA128SM with HA5002 buffers, AD8599 in 3 and 2xBUF634...
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    Recommend me violin albums

    I'm not a fan of Gidon Kremer, but anything by Arthur Grumiaux will be elegantly played and beautiful. The Bach sonatas and partitas mentioned above are wonderful. (You might also try Szeryng or if you're lucky enough to find the Johanna Martzy disks, you won't need others.) Grumiaux's Mozart is...
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    Recommend me violin albums This is a great album and is much better on vinyl (where its title is 'For My Friends'). A desert island disk. Really! (I've included a direct link for times when the picture isn't working.)
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Lamont Cranston Blues Band,'Lamont Live!'