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    The best earphone in the world......

    I think it's interesting how almost nobody here has tried the ES3's. Any word on those?
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    MD33 vs E2c

    Yeah, I also emphatically disagree. The highs are far from golden, but if the Shure highs are rolled off, the EX71SL does not have highs at all (in my opinion).
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    Circumaural Grados!

    My fear, though, is that this will sacrifice bass response for comfort...
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    MD33 vs E2c

    Too tired to post anything lengthy, but I've heard both, and my impressions were (keep in mind, impressions) that E2C's had the MD33's beat in bass and overall sound quality, but for the price and comfort, I preferred the MD33's. This may change once the soft-flex sleeves come rolling out for...
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    Meier Audio Porta Corda MkII Followup!

    It's Monday in southern California and I don't have it . (Mail already came for today).
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    Need advice ... lost my E4P's

    Try the Westone UM2's. They're cheaper than E5's, and about 80% of people who have tried both UM2 and E5 prefer the UM2 (that's my general impression from the board, since I haven't tried the UM2's).
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    Troublesome HD650 burn-in

    Well, you can pause overnight, but then it wouldn't be burning in for that period of time .
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    is it just me?

    Yeah, same here. I use a cut pair of tri-flanges on my E5C's, and although they stay in relatively well while sitting down, if I exercise with them, the left one always seems to slowly slide out while the right one stays in.
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    If you had won the lottery what would you buy?

    I'd buy Grado (the company, not the headphones) .
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    lack of grado comfort seriously exaggerated?

    I don't have a huge problem with Grado headphones either. They're not uncomfortable per se, but they're definitely not comfortable. The people who are crying about comfort issues are the ones spoiled by the Sennheiser pillows . Also, those who complain about comfort: have you tried the...
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    ER-4's for $219 at Headroom

    Haven't they ALWAYS been that price? Now if they'd just bring back the 10% off coupon...
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    sik din vs. pocketdock

    Well, just think about it. Does it make sense to spend 100 dollars on an interconnect to use with your 80 dollar headphones? Especially with a portable (crap) source, and given the fact that the interconnects are short, I don't think it would make a huge difference.
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    HeadRoom10% Discount for '05?

    D'oh! Meant headroom (
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    HeadRoom10% Discount for '05?

    Yeah, this is kind of off-topic, but I was just wondering. Is Head-Fi planning on having another 10% off coupon this year?
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    Are the shure e3c worth springing from e2c

    Oh, god. I read that first post quickly and thought that you HAD a pair of E2C's already. Sorry. Yeah, buy the E3C's. The E2C's, as they stand, are not comfortable at all. That alone is almost worth the spring to the E3C's.