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    Exchange Grado SR60's for Portapros?

    The PX200 is quite different from the PX100. But I think for portability alone, PortaPro would beat the SR60s.
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    Shure SE530 not enough BASS!!!

    Play around with the different tips, that might help too.
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    Ol' Saint Deadfolx's Xmas LOD Giveaway

    Can I sign up too? Need an LOD for my iPod Touch. . Thanks a lot! Merry X'mas man!
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    MP3 players with amp built in?

    Technically speaking, all MP3 players have amps built in. The reason why people here use amps is because the amps in some MP3 players are not as well implemented and this may result in things like roll-offs, or simply not enough impact, etc.
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    Test of Time :-) SDHC Card Reliability?

    i'm very happy with my Patriot 16GB. The only time it ever failed was when I stuck it in a non SDHC reader, and that was fixed after a re-format.
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    Any site where I can get the RS-1 cheaper?

    well, I remember some sellers on A-gon used to sell them new for really cheap.
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    Help with new purchase

    325i's will be around $225~$250 used. RS-2s will be quite a bit more, like lacrossebowe8 said, around $350+. For me, personally I decided that I'd eventually one day go for RS-1s anyways, so I went straight for them, but you'd probably feel differently
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    Shure SE320, westone UM2, or any alternatives? Please help!

    of the few that you listed, I'd choose the UM2. SE310s will most likely have less bass than the UM2. And from what I've read, the UM2s are better than the SF5 in terms of balance and fit.
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    Looking Headphones for my amp

    Hmm, for your genre I might suggest AKGs, I remember they're quite good for jazz. Just as an aside, I think it's interesting that you try to build your system around your amp, since most people start the other way around. Good Luck
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    I'd say don't worry about the amp. I think the Audio-Technicas are of reasonable value for gaming purposes, but I probably wouldn't go that high up. Keep in mind too that, he's not going to be listening to music, but probably more of just sound effects, so audiophile headphones may be a little...
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    can headphones replace speakers?

    For your music preference and your requirements, I'd seriously recommend trying some Grados, SR225s to be exact.
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    Best headphones for under $100 USD

    Grados SR-80/Alessandros MS-1. Koss also makes some wonderful headphones with very good value like the KSC-75, KSC-35 and PortaPro. Sennheiser portables are good too. But the Grados are still better to me, but they are more expensive than the others.
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    What phone is closest to the HD-650's but easy to drive without amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Acix RS1 Really? I'd say the RS-1s are probably the direct opposite of what the OP's looking for since laid-back presentation is one of the key requirements. PX100s would probably be the cheapest alternatives or else you'd have to start looking at...
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    Stolen Cowon D2 and 5pros what should I get to replace?

    UM2s would be nice indeed, always wanted to try them. But I still firmly believe that D2s are in a league of their own (despite their thickness). Sony's aren't that easy to find except @ Sony Style (and they charge quite a bit). Zunes are finally available now, you could check those out.
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    What is YOUR Holy Grail of Headphones and amps?

    Hmm. Electrostatic: the Orpheus system. Dynamic: HP-2 or Vintage RS-1 mated w/ a MAD or Melos amp