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    Replacement Buds for Mx 500's

    I got my Mx760 for 14/15 Pounds including delivery from amazon, good deal I guess. Sennheiser MX 760 - High Quality Earphones With: Electronics & Photo
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    Replacement Buds for Mx 500's

    I've got the mx760 now and am well impressed with them. They're much more to my liking than the Yuin PK3 which were too forward and compressed sounding for me. The Mx760 sound like bigger headphones , not earbuds. I'd say they're on par with the PX100 / KSC75 I've owned in the past , if not...
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    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ludoo Probably, yes. I love the Grado sound, even though I would not want them as my only phones. 20. Thanks for the responses, I am actually quite satisfied with how they sound and am afraid to throw away money on something I may not use . I will one...
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    Headphone Recommendation - Very Frustrated

    While I haven't heard them , I'm considering some Goldring dr150s myself. They're said to be AD700 level of SQ with more bass and a fairly decent soundstage ( Not as much as Ad700 but more than Grado) .. Take my suggestion with a grain of salt ! They're inexpensive in the UK , not sure if...
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    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    Do you think they or a MS-1 would complement the Yamahas nicely?
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    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    Do any of you know how these will compare with the two popular JVCs ? The Yamahas are performing admirably with most music genres but I wonder whether I could get more soundstage with the JVCs. What I am worried about is that their signature won't satisfy as much as the Yamaha which is just the...
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    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    I got these today after a few months of deliberation . The build is sturdy and I was surprised at how tiny these were. Almost Px100 size . Initial impressions on the sound : A real joy to listen, warm and pleasant. The highs are a tad subdued but not so much that it detracts from the music...
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    Sansa Fuze - is the maximum volume glitch still an issue?

    I burnt my hands once as I was holding a steaming hot cup of coffee and at the same time handling the fuze. Since I updated the firmware AND formatted the thing it hasn't happened ( Important to format the fuze) I'm still a little weary about it suddenly happening. At least with earbuds you can...
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    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    These look intriguing, Could they work as a closed portable alternative to to the px100s? I'm curious what their Isolation is like.
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    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    Cool thread , I love my Ipod Mini with 2gb Sandisk flash.. it's very user-friendly for podcasts *Sony for Music . Btw. I use a Ipod 4G battery with double the capacity . I taped it on the outside of the casing and put one of those silicon skins around it . Twice the battery life!
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    Looking for some new headphones, but need help

    forget the px200s universally regarded as a terrible choice..
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    SoundMAGIC PL30 impressions

    My ksc75's need to be replaced ( cable split) , I am prone to IEM sibilance and irritation ( losing seal etc.) and am considering just getting another pair of ksc75 , but the impressions in this thread are so hard to ignore. Will I or Will I not be satisfied with these? my IEM history...
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    Choice: Recable AKG K501 or buy Stock K340

    yes k340 is a much better headphone in general...
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    cheap headphone for ipod shuffle?

    vote for sennheiser px100... comfy and nice sound
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    And We're Back!

    YESSSSS, my carbon died last week... must have been the negative mindforce of a head-filess idiot.