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    Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Oppo 2HA-SE

    i got a Right Angle Micro USB to Type C OTG Cable for Portable Digital DAC Amplifier, I believe the adapter is for memory and power only. Let me know how it goes.
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    Pioneer's First Portable Amp XPA-700

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. Will it be able to feed the amp with a micro OTG or is this amp not made for Android phones?
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    Hiby Music and MP4 files

    I have music in MP4 format on my micro sd card. My xperia Z1compact MUSIC app will read all files. However Hiby will not even though I carry out a scan. What can I do?
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    Android phones and USB DACs

    Have any of the Xperia Z1 compact owners found a way to use an ODAC with Androiod 5.02 lollipop yet?  My Z1c worked great with my Sony PHA-1 bu now no go. 
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    Sony PHA-1 portable DAC/amp

    Not mine. Red when charging.
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    Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

    Appreciate the input dweaver. Will seriously consider the Z5. 
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    Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

    Exactly as my post states. From the XBA H3 to the new top of the line XBA Z5.  What is the difference. Is it worth the investment?
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    Sony XBA-H1 and XBA-H3 Hybrid Dynamic and BA IEM

    Straight answer how do they sound?  Piece of ****, So,So,  Fantastic?
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    Sony PHA-1 portable DAC/amp

    Very good point. battery duration is not all that matters. I hate to say that the PH-2A does have much better battery life than the PH1A. I wonder if maybe we can swap out the battery for the new version and get same life
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    Sony PHA-1 portable DAC/amp

    5 hours of continuous music is a long time. My Xperia Z does not outlast the PH1 anyhow. 
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    Sony's DSD-capable PHA-2 portable headphone amp/DAC

    The sound quality differance you post is like night and day and I have to question such radical differance. I own the PHA-1 and its a damn good sounding unit. I do not doubt the PHA-2 may sound better of different but the magintud of your claims are such that I am hesitant to believe.
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    Sony's DSD-capable PHA-2 portable headphone amp/DAC

    I have been following this topic with interest since I own a PHA-1.  At the time I believe I would not upgrade to the new model just for the DSD capability. The PHA-1 combined with a Sony Xperia Z puts out some serious quality audio. I doubt Sony has any other serious mods on the new model so...
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    A brief comparison/review of the AKG K3003i vs the Shure SE846

    Great review, would be nice to know the msrp or price you purchased both items.
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    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Impressions

    Quote: Be it what it may....My BE sound better than IEM three times their price. 10 times better is a bit of a streach but Vsonic has pulled it off before. Plus those red transparent ones are Bad!
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    Cardas Ear Speakers delayed but worth the wait!

    thanks for the update please keep us posted. How is the bass so far?