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    Got in some DT 990s. Suggestions?

    Yup. My mistake. They're 32Ω.
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    Got in some DT 990s. Suggestions?

    I just ran the 600Ω and 32Ω versions through our tests. The result: they're about the same, really. Both had very low distortion levels and even tracking. They both had a strong, but not boomy bass that tapered off slightly towards the middle frequencies. This diminishing trend continued...
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    Got in some DT 990s. Suggestions?

    The amp in our testing setup is a Crown D-45, which is hooked up to a Head and Torso Simulator. This is the main amp that we have in the office, and since we spent all our money on the HATS, I don't think we'll be able to get a second amp. We have a bunch of media players lying around, because a...
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    Got in some DT 990s. Suggestions?

    Since I review headphones for the internet, Beyerdynamic just sent me a gigantic box of their new DT series. In this box are the 32, 250, and 600Ω versions of the DT 990s. Now, I didn't necessarily ask for all these headphones, and will probably only review the 600Ω version, but I feel like I...
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    V-Moda Vibes Build Quality?

    I actually write for that site. It sucks to hear you didn't like the review, but I'm honestly just happy to see people actually read our stuff. Quote: Originally Posted by trancenweather And did this test ( not burn in the Vibes? We do burn in the...
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    I'd say go with the AH-C551s or, if you want to save even more money, go with the AH-C351s. They're $50 on the nose and are really similar in terms of sound. If you like bass, and don't mind using a headset, the Vibe Duos are a good pick.
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    IEMs Below $150 for IPOD 5G

    Are you listening to MP3s or lossless files on your iPod? If you have MP3s, spending more than $150 is kind of overkill since the performance would be wasted on compressed music. The ER-4P are good, but where are you guys finding pairs for $150 or less? Etymotic's 6isolators have a similarly...
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