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    got a sansa e140 today

    Quote: Originally Posted by AtheisticFreedom Shuffle arguably pretty much owns/pwns ( ) any other player in the market atm, with arguably a few exceptions (iAudio X5, 5th Gen iPod?). The Shuffle is a damn good player, but I think my iAudio U3 is just a little bit better. I will...
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    Creative MuVo TX FM.. SQ impressions?

    Very good SQ for a 50 buck player. I just bought one for myself a week ago after being impressed by the one I bought for my wife last month. I wanted a decent cheap drag & drop player and this does the job quite well. Sounds quite nice with the UE sf5p.
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    Poll: What Is Your Age? Headphone Fan And All Of You! - Member Or Visitor!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kwitel Interesting thread, even more interesting results. Seems like most people round here are under 23!? Man am I old... BTW, if most of you are young adults, where the heck are you all getting your money from! I was broke at 21...still am...
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    1 GB Nano or 1 GB Shuffle?

    Another vote for the Shuffle. I just got mine back from my wife and this thing sounds great with the sf5p (IMO real good synergy). I had a Nano for about a month and it was cool at first, but the novelty wore off after a while. SQ advantage goes to the Shuffle.
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    super fi 5pros housing cracking

    No problems with mine. Purchased new from Guitar Center in Nov. 2005 and have well over 100 hours on them.
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    Shure e3c vs. UE3

    E3 without a doubt. I had the sf3 studio for about a week and just couldn't force myself to be satisfied with them. I thought the sf3 were just too lacking on the bass end (especially on pre-5th gen. iPods) and the treble can get a little harsh at times. The E3 has a better overall sound if you...
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    whats a fair price for a 2nd gen ipod mini mint?

    According to iLounge (2005 Holiday Buyers' Guide) the 4GB is worth about $150 and the 6GB is worth about $185. Prices I have seen on eBay seem to support their claim.
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    is ebay a good way to buy E4c?

    Shop around legitimate online sellers for the best price. Froogle is a good way to start. Then e-mail Earphone Solutions (one of the sponsors of this site) and ask them for a price match. I think you will be pleased with their offer. I got a good deal on mine this way and a lot of others here...
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    E3s vs E4s... I don't see the difference...

    Quote: Originally Posted by mr.karmalicious Dude... seriously? I noticed a huge difference. The mid-highs/highs are, IMO, where the E4s completely DESTROY the E3s. I totally agree. I would also say the same comparing the E4 to the 5 pro.
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    I think I want IEMS... 5 pros?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BRefft rick, what is it about the shure's that you like more than the ue's? have you had a chance to see how each model changes when amped? I have not yet heard either using an amp. I am in the market for one, but still haven't decided on a...
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    I think I want IEMS... 5 pros?

    I bought my E4s from Earphone Solutions. They are good company to do business with. I would definitely use them again.
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    I think I want IEMS... 5 pros?

    The 5 pros should work out well for you. The size/comfort shouldn't be much of an issue if you were ok with the EX51. The bass and overall SQ are so much better that you have to experience it to appreciate the difference. Isolation will be a bit of an improvement. You can get them for about $200...
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    A Curious Question Bout High-End IEMs

    I would recommend the Shure E4 if you are looking for something durable. These are well respected here and probably one of the best balanced all-purpose IEMs, at least in its price range.
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    pa2v2 came today

    Has anyone used this amp with a 5G iPod and E4Cs? If so, what kind of improvement did it make?
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    Shure E4C distortion and static issue

    I do not have a problem with my E4C using either my iPod or Karma. The E4C do seem to be unforgiving on poorly recorded or encoded tracks. One thing I did notice as well is the E4C seems to improve a bit after about the first 30 hours or so of use (slight bass improvement and better balance...