Head Gear Reviews by Richter Di
  1. nura nuraphone

    4.50 star(s)
    I bought the Nuraphones only because I was quite impressed with the Nuraloops. And I have to admit the Nuraphones are even better than the Nuraloops. A great miss is the touchdials you have at the Nuraloops which allow to look for just the right amount of social level. I only have them for some days so I will come back and add more comments to this review.
  2. Nuraloops

    4.50 star(s)
    Since the Nura Headphone Kickstarter campaign in ending in July 2016 I was very interested in the technology. But I had just invested 1000 Dollar in the then ultimately disastrous Ossic X campaign and could not invested in another headphone project. So I just invested 1 US Dollar for the Nura to get all the updates. So when a as a former Nura “backer” I got the offer to pre-purchase offer for their next project the Nuraloops inEars I had to pull the trigger. Also the price of the Nuraloops was a bit less - while having the same technology as the...
  3. Meier-Audio Corda Soul

    5.00 star(s)
    Sometimes the name of a product reveals so much more. This is the case with the “Soul”. I have known Jan Meier now for quite a while. If I am not completely wrong since 2004/2005, when I ended up organizing the first Netherlands Headphone Meet. Over the years I had the chance to try out many of his headphone amps and DACs and also owned and own a few of them. I have observed Jan from the distance designing his new products and often had the chance to listen to the prototypes. But I have to be honest, never have I seen him work so long and with so...
  4. Audeze iSine 20

    4.00 star(s)
    I bought these new in May 2017 from an official dealer in Germany. I receive and received no benefits from Audeze or any other party to write this review. This is only my personal opinion. These were my first Audeze headphones and my second pair of planar-magnetic headphones. The other planars being a Hifiman HE-500 which I bought as an alternative for my Sennheiser HD 800. You will find a list of my headphones at the end of this review. The reason for buying these was that I read a lot of good reviews about the Audeze Sine 20 and I was looking for...