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    Shanling UP5 - Our new flagship portable Bluetooth DAC/AMP

    Uggg. I too sold the BTR5 in favor of the Qudelix because the bluetooth was just atrocious. I understand the desire for a nice metal and glass build, but the bluetooth connection is the critical part. The Qudelix has been awesome. Give me cheap plastic and a stable connection
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    [FiiO UTWS3] True Wireless Bluetooth Module/MMCX/0.78 2pin/QCC3020/TPA6140A2/ Bluetooth 5.0

    These look great and I'm going to try them. Does anyone have an idea what a utws5 will look like?
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    Sennheiser HD700 vs. Aeon X?

    The hd700 are the most comfortable headphone I've ever tried. They are my absolute favorite.
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    whats the absolute best open-back COMFORTABLE headphones?

    I say this in every thread about comfort... The HD700. It is the most comfortable headphone I've ever used by far.
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    This is my exact use case! I've done this with the Sennheiser hd700, hd600, and now focal. The cable is 18 inches and balanced. For the focal, I wrapped a little teflon tape around the arm to avoid scratches. These sound much better than bose or sony!
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    Focal Elegia - what do you think?

    I just want to give an opinion here. I have probably 25 hrs on the Elegia, and I am very impressed. I have never liked a closed back can, but these don't sound closes to me. In fact, if I didn't know by the lack of external sound, I would not be able to tell these are closed. I'm impressed...
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    bluetooth receiver for high impedance headphones

    I would suggest the qudelix. I have tried the Fiio and bluetooth connectivity was just very poor. I have driven 300 ohm headphones and planars with this and it sounds crazy good. You may find you don't need desktop equipment. 🤣
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    I've got about 20 hours on this and wanted to give more impressions. I really like this unit. Every device has pluses and minuses, but comparing to the ES100 and the BTR5, I like this the best. I have been experimenting with the PEQ and that really has an impact...very cool. I have noticed...
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    Supposedly the ability to name the presets is coming.
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    So I was able to set up the PEQ by installing the app on my phone rather than a chromebook. The chromebook only shows the fields for the freq setting and has other bugs that make it disconnect. It would be nice to be able to use the app on the chrombook as typing is much easier. So now that...
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    Thank you! I used the github repository and set the eq per my headphones! It looks like you can store 10 different sets of parameters so I can setup different profiles for different headphones and then just select between them! This is great to be able to have just one device. Does anyone...
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    Does anyone know how to adjust the PEQ settings? I go into Equalizer and switch to PEQ. I then see fields where I can enter frequecy values, but I don't see how to change the gain or anything else. I also don't see how to save into one of the 10 custom banks. Any help would be appreciated...
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    The Qudelix-5K thread

    I just received mine from Amazon and wanted to give my quick impressions. I also have ES100, BTR3K, and multiple BTR5. I think this is the best one yet. My main problem with the Fiio units was the very poor bluetooth reception. I've walked all over in the areas where those cut out and this...
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    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    Funny reading this about the HD700. I know this headphone got no love when it was being produced, but every time I've sold one, I always end up buying another! It does have an unmatched combination of comfort, sound quality, and durability.