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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    Im using a Lumia 535 with my Focal Spirit One S.   Sounds great with Metal/Rock.
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    Focal Spirit One S

    bump   Just got a pair of these... I must say, I finally found the headphones that is suited for Metal(Opeth, Dying Fetus) and Rock(Smashing Pumpkins etc) Instruments are all clear here as we may know how Chaotic the music can be one the tempo goes up... but I may want to hear some Sizzle on...
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    Review by 'rexFi' on item 'JBL E40BT Black High-Performance Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, Black'

    I got this because I need a new headphone while on commute. The first thing I noticed is that the bass volume is low but its there specially when you press the cups against your ears. The trick there is just find the angle where the cups lay flat on the ears when you wear them. If you wear...
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    Acceptable Average Headphone "Life span" (for the Price)

    How many months, years should a Headphone last before it dies based on how its priced?   I ask this because I notice I change Headphones frequently more vs. Speakers(PSB B6) at home which is now running for almost 3 years.    
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    Why the Beats Hate?

    Let's bump this thread as I found a store that probably hates them:  
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    JBL J55 purchased

    Bump!   My AKG K167 just broke, the headband cracked and I am thinking of these as replacement. Any other users of these cans?
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    AKG K67 Review?

      Hi, interesting, how's the Lumia 920 + K67 combo? Have you tried it on an iPod and notice any difference? :)   Thanks in advance.
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    Roll Call for Team AKG

    K514, K430, K404   Planning on gettin' the Tiesto K167 next....
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    Why do people like Grados so much?

          Wow how many posts do I have? Anyway I find this post Insulting to others who do not use Grados.   Flame On?
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