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    Comparison of these sub $200 headphones? (PLEASE HELP)

    So ive waited WAY too long to buy my first pair of actually good headphones (Ive been surviving on monoprice 8320s). Recently I've been set on Beyerdynamic Custom Pro Ones, but a friend is now telling me they don't really compare to Shure SRH440's (which are half the price), and that they are...
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    I need to buy 2 pairs of earbuds for under 35 bucks?

    I ordered both the M6s in white and the Monoprices in white. They seem to be the 2 top rated earbuds around for this price range, and I need them soon. So it made sense just to buy them.   Any good threads on modding the monoprices cable or anything? They're looking pretty bland in the pics.
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    I need to buy 2 pairs of earbuds for under 35 bucks?

    nevermind, I think the M6's in white would be suitable for school. I'm gonna just buy both, and hopefully find some better tips off a broken pair of earbuds for the monoprices.  
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    I need to buy 2 pairs of earbuds for under 35 bucks?

    If I bought both the M6 and the monoprice could I use one of the many M6 tips with the monoprices? because the monoprice tips look horrible.  
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    Numark electrowave? Thoughts?

    Haha yes, I am indeed here from hifiguy's review.
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    Numark electrowave? Thoughts?

    What do you think of the numark electrowave's? How do you think they compare to the UE6000?
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    UE6000's defect? Enough cause not to buy?

    Hello,   I posted a couple months ago about buying a pair of headphones under 200 dollars with the following criteria:   "Reasonably good looking Preferably without need of an amp (will be transported often) Reasonable warranty and company reputation   Compliments these genres of...
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    Good Speakers for 50 bucks (monoprice)?

    I know that monoprice is a highly reccomended for their cheap headphones, but I was wondering about their bookshelve speakers. I listen to all kinds of music, so I'd want them to be fairly well rounded.   Heres the link...
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    Painting MonoPrice 8323?

    Hey,   I thought it would be a fun project to spray paint a pair of MonoPrice 8323's with a friend. It's my first time doing this, and since there so cheap, I figured why not?   I'm not planning on spray painting the entire headphone a diffrent color, because I don't want the color to...
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    What are the real specs of Beats by Dr. Dre? (NOT planning on buying them)

    I am aware that beats does not publish anything beyond their frequency response. Is there any way to obtain this information? I want to be able to have solid evidence against beats when someone approaches me about it.   Thanks, Revin
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    Which of these 2.1 speaker systems is the best?

    There the PN5+ model. They were a pretty long run, from the late 80's to the late 90's.   I highly reccomend there costumer service as well. I called and got a real person, who directed me to another real person with no wait time. The guy only charged me for parts,  and said I lived nearby...
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    ATH-M50's or no?

    A good pair of headphones that could make the shortlist. Yet, comfort looks to be a problem in these, by the small amount of padding on the headband. Also, I can't tell by the description on the amazon page if there is a detachable cord or not.   what about the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2...
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    Which of these 2.1 speaker systems is the best?

    I am new to audio and head fi, and I need a new set of computer speakers. I found a couple high rated 2.1 sets on amazon, and was wondering which was the best. If none of these is sufficent for the price, my range is 40-60 bucks.  ...
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    Looking for good (Preferably wireless) 2.1 Computer speakers under $40?

    I am extremely new to audio and head-fi, yet am in the buisness for a new set of computer speakers. Speakers are not my primary form of listening, which is why my price point is so low. So which ones do you reccomend? They only need a range of a few feet, preferably that don't interfeir with...