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    WTB: MPro, rs1e, gs2000e

    Canada N2J, 2Y1. Please pm. Thanks~
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    FS: Th900 MKI

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    FS: Th900 MKI

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    Cambridge CXC CD Transport

    still available
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    FS: Th900 MKI

    Feel free to contact
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    FS: Th900 MKI

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    FS: Th900 MKI

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    FS: Th900 MKI

    They come with original box and all accessories, also including a Sennheiser 6.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter Cable. No obvious scratches on cups. Good condition. I bought them two years ago in Toronto. Sorry, I don't consider trades. Asking $800 OBO. Price is in USD. Paypal fees INCLUDED. FREE shipping...
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    Chord Electronics Ltd. chordette qute ex DSD DAC

    Hey guys, For sale is my Chord Chordette Qute EX DSD DAC in excellent condition. This dac is approaching year 2. Package will come with everything including Wall Wart, power supply and power adaptor. The original box is missing, but I'll pack carefully for sure. Shipping from Waterloo, Canada...