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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    Quote: wm8960g is much inferior to 8740, anyway 8740 & 8741 are always used on those famous Hi-end equipments
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    Audio-GD NFB-12

    whether a FR roll-off is good or bad , it has nothing to do with the ability of  taking music of high sample rates, they belong to different categories. though i'm also sad to own an older version without filter   a tasteless cake compared to new version or 12.1
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    Audio-GD NFB-12

    killkli's test told us that how much a better digital interface could enhance(or extend) the NFB-12's frequency response range
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    Audio-GD NFB-12

    take it easy, buddy but FR is NOT sample rate, right? and your test is about FR roll-off, so it is unrelated to the sample rate PS: from some earlier tests, the NFB12's FR rolled off from about 10khz,  worse?   Quote:  
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    Audio-GD NFB-12

    Quote:  I got you, but it looks like you just confused different concepts 44.1, 48, 96, 192,384k ... are sample rates, they have nothing to do with frequency response range(20~20khz...)
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    anyone tried this one: creative zen X-Fi style

    Hi, I've owned D2, Nano3, IPC6, ZVM, Zen, x-fi1, x-fi2, sony A844;  and also some ancient hdd players from Creative and Iriver. To me, the D2 and Nano3 are the worst; and the Ipod classic, ZVM, Zen, X-fi12 , sony 844 are at the same level; those very old HDD players are way better. No offend...
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    zen x-fi2 or zune hd

    Hi, do you really think that the sound quality of x-fi2 is better than sony x1000? I just wonder if I need upgrade to a x1000.
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    Clip+ Sound Quality, really??

    old Sony Discman? too high standard for mp3 players! Maybe some very old HDD players, such as kenwood hda7,d9,b9, and creative nomad jukebox series.
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    Guys, 32Gb microsd is coming? Samsung announce 32GB microSD cards, 64GB moviNAND - news
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