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    NocturnaL Audio Custom Headphone Cables

    all pms and emails replied.   So sorry for the late reply. i was called back for an annual army reservist for 3 weeks earlier.    Cheers, Zack
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    NocturnaL Audio Custom Headphone Cables

    Hi there,    Do drop me a pm with your cable order number and ordered/repaired date. I will have them sorted out and give you an exact date as to when your cable will be ready. My apologies for the late responses.   Zack 
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    HD 600/650 Hybrid LITZ 8 conductor cable

    Letting go a used Hybrid LITZ cable for Senheiser HD600/650.   Terminated with Viablue 1/4 plug.   Cable used 4 copper and 4 silver LITz 26AWG, sleeved with Black/grey.   Please refer to pictures for exact condition.    Cable is 1.2m long.
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    It's very different. Ie80 is a dynamic driver iem, um3x is ba. I like the sound of ie80's bass response and sound presentation, while un3x is clearer in vocals.
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    Hi there, Not interested. Thanks!
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    WTS: GoVibe Magnam headphone Amp and USB DAC

    Selling a used Govibe Magnam.   Used for around 1year +, rarely used.   Please refer to pictures for actual condition of the DAC+AMP.
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    SOLD   .
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    68.1kg 88.8kg 100.1kg   normal cables wont last past 40kg thou. Noble should be proud!
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    NocturnaL Audio Custom Headphone Cables

    Dear Frekedech,    Our Copper used are actually LITZ, and silver are used in another way which is similar to how LITZ cable are done.    That is the reason why our cable do not turn green or tarnish at least with a year or so.    Once again, if you guys have any feedback, please be welcome...
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    Like New HIFIMAN HM700 W/ Accessories

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    NocturnaL Audio Custom Headphone Cables

    Dear Frekedech and friends,    I think i need to clear up somethings.    1. It is not a litz-wired cable, i did however separately insulated the copper and silver present in a single wire.   2. Frekedech had gotten the improved version of the 4 core hybrid cable. NocturnaL cable will be...
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    NocturnaL Audio Custom Headphone Cables

    Hi there,   May i know what socket was terminated when you bought the cable from the guy in forum?   The different types of sockets that i used on my cables should be all compatible with all recessed sockets.    Anyway, if you have any more questions, feel free to drop me a PM.   ...
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    Android phones and USB DACs

    A little more info about OTG cables, It appears to me that now stock Micro heads have ready made OTG heads, whereby the pin 4 and pin 5 heads are jointed together already. Thus, there is no need for factories to do further soldiering.    You can see that the pin 4 and pin 5 are made up...
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