Headphone Inventory
Sonicgear Earpumps
ATH-SJ1(previously owned)
Alessandro MS-1(Future)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Fiio E3 with Potentiometer
Ordnance .22 or GoVibes Martini ( Future)
Source Inventory
Sansa Fuze 2GB(Previous)
Ipod 5.5g 30GB Black
Cable Inventory
Lots of DIY Interconnects
Other Audio Equipment
Edifier Multimedia Speaker with subwoofer
Axioo Pico DJJ
Sony PSP
Nintendo DS
Sony Ericsson C702
50mW Green Laser


Ipod 5g 30GB Black | Fiio E3 With Potentiometer | SonicGear Earpumps (School) | Alessandro MS-1 ( Home/outside)

Future buys:
Ordnance .22 or GoVibes Martini
Graham Slee Voyager