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    1st audiophile headphones suggestions

    Quote:   I don't think that you would have a serious problem with a900x unless you have a very very small head :)
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    Looking for all members in Turkey

    Ok at least we are two already :)
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    travel team

    Well headphones is a seperate story. I can noy really make any comment on your choice since I dont know how was your selection process. I personally never had chance to use Soundmagic HP100 so I can't really comment.
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    Need a replacement for my Bose IE2.

    Violin is fine but Sitar does sound kinda funny on SE215s.
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    Looking for some bassy 100€ IEM's

    I know an ebay seller which still sells geniune SE215 SE. We bought 3 pairs from him with my friends and I guess he still has couple more pairs. He ships from Hong Kong and item has the seal of official Shure dealer of Hong Kong. If you want the link just PM me.
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    New Comply™ Foam Tips compatibility update!

    Thank you Breanna. You made my day :) Are both S 400 and T 400 series ok?
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    Looking for all members in Turkey

    Hi all! Let's see if we have some audophiles from Turkey here. If we do maybe we can organize a get together sometime. :)
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    Comply Tips Review

    Are there any tips compatible with AKG K391 NC?
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    New Comply™ Foam Tips compatibility update!

    Is there any idea about AKG K391 NC fitting? I searched but couldn't find anything.
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    need advice for an good on-ear headphone

    I have an AKG K167 and I am really happy with it. I can not comment on 67 though. Just I know all Tiesto series are sort of fragile so they are definitely not made to carry around. They are better for home & Office use.
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    What countries have you been to?

    the USA Mexico Malaysia Thailand Singapore China the UK France the Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Germany Italy Denmark Sweden Finland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Belarus Russia Azerbaijan Turkey Poland the Czech Republic Slovakia Austria Hungary Slovenia Romania...
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    Newbie from PA

    Also one more thing. If you are looking for a new player there are many other choices. You don't need to get stuck with Apple products. Besides that iPod Classic is your only option for using E07K or E17 since it is the only one still with 30 pin connector.
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    Newbie from PA

    FiiO E6 will just give some additional boost to the sound but don't expect much improvement in the sound quality. If you are not dying for mobility I would still suggest E07K or E11. Also for ie80 is too high class to benefit from a simple amp like E6. Better use it alone.   When it comes to...
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    Newbie from PA

    Yes E07K will work with your iPod nano if it has 30pin connector. You just need a cable like L9 to use it. Still you will not be using the DAC function of E07K but sound will not be double amped this way so it will sound better.