Head Gear Reviews by reddragon
  1. Dared MP5

    3.00 star(s)
    ok this is not really a review, more like an impression. i havent spent that much time with it, its not mine, its my friend's. im only writing this because theres no one else reviewing it. i listened to it a while ago, and at that time i only had an ipod classic with a fiio e17 strapped onto it and headphone used was my beyerdynamic dt990 pro 250ohm, cable was a cheap 10 bucks radioshack cable. using the mp5 makes the sound seem warmer and less fatiguing but i dont know if its my electricity outlet or something, it was very noisy. just using the e17...
  2. Sony MDR-E818LP Fontopia Ear-Bud Headphones with Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit

    5.00 star(s)
    The bass on these is amazing and can rival low end in ears. It doesn't drown out the other parts of the sound because it actually sounds like there is a separate layer of bass on the music. The clarity is good and the sound is rich and dynamic for earbuds, especially for its price. I have tested these against earbuds in the same price range (Panasonic RP-HV152, Sony MDR-E10LP, Philips SHE2640) and these outperform them in every single aspect in terms of sound quality. These are portable, comfortable, and inexpensive as are most earbuds in general...