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    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

        that's interesting, drove them all off from the same amp?
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    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

        audeze... the lcd2 is by far the most beautiful looking headphone I have ever seen... if its not so expensive... anyway, that helps a lot, thanks!
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    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

            thanks both of you for sharing your experience. im still not set on which one I should get... I don't really mind the price difference between the zmf and he500 and I don't think I need the isolation of a closed back, my worry is if I will find the he500 fatiguing in sound and...
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    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

    for the guys who have both the he500 and zmf, do you think the zmf matches the he500 in terms of technicalities? and which one do you prefer?
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    ever heard of this?

        thanks for chiming in, i thought this thread died a long time ago. anyway, for the e17, i found it lacking power for my fostex t50rp, i didn't notice it until i drove it out of my ibasso dx100. i didn't a/b but that's what i felt like when listening through my dx100. but maybe planars are...
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    Just blew the bank (for me) on equipment, and wanted to say thank you!

        if its already in mp3 format, upconvert it to flac or wav wont help and would just waste space. you need to rip them in lossless from headstart.
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    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

    deleted by myself
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    Ear fatigue with BeyerDynamic DT990s

    How about a mod of the fostex t50rp? I have been looking at those recently.
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    What the heck does "audiophile" mean anyway?

    i understand both points of view, someguydude and kamijolsmyhero. I personally define it more like someguydude's definition but I can understand both of your opinions. however, I don't use eq when I listen to music, if I want more bass, I would just change my gears to a more bassy setup (mostly...
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    Reply to review by 'reddragon' on item 'JDS Labs Assembled Objective2 Headphone Amplifier'

    you don't need a 24/192 dac for 320kbps audio... impedance doesn't mean everything, a low impedance he6, im pretty sure you will want to amp it.
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    HeadPhones with premium look and good music quality ?

    q701 is bassy? I don't own it but have listened to it before... its not bassy, just my experience though. I think you should check out the mad dog (never listened to it but its very popular over here, you can find it at and denon d600. denon d600 is pretty bassy and the bass is...
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    This is why I am never buying a HiFiMAN product again (Fang you might have a Ph.D. but you can't respect the simple concept of consistency)

          the he400i or the he560i? i wonder if hifiman will keep the current promotional price for the he500 once those are released. or should i wait for the new hifiman models or like you said, shoot for the lcd2?... ill probably just get the he500... in case they get discontinued or something
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    Can those of you who have heard Hifiman HE500 and Alpha Dog compare them?

    Anyone? I'm sure someone on here owns both of them :rolleyes:
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    Reply to review by 'reddragon' on item 'Audeze LCD-XC'

    @dukeskd you are right, it's now of an impression but I still appreciate his effort
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    Reply to review by 'reddragon' on item 'AKG K812'

    Thanks, gave me a good read