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    Head-Fi Now - DIY etc

    It makes if you think of the financial incentives. DIY amp sales take away sales from commercial companies, those companies are then less interested to spend money to advertise on head-fi, the head-fi owners then make less profit. Of course this is a very simple way to look at things. You...
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    Head-Fi Now - DIY etc

    I've been away from Head-fi for a few years now. Actually I stopped visiting the site not too long after the re-vamp, where the look of the site was changed slightly and a major focus was put on controlling the aftermarket sales of gear - in particular DIY equipment. This was not too long after...
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    A TREAD sized regulator - the r1

    I am the jerk who's had cobaltmute's r1 for over a year and still have not tested it. I didn't realize how busy my life would be and entering a program at a new school where I don't do anything with electronics has made it difficult to get a hold of equipment. ..okay these are poor excuses.  ...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 600 Ohm

    DT 990 in excellent like new condition.  All accessories included (ie carry case, adapter, box). $215 shipped in Canada.  $220 to USA.
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    Sleek Audio CT20: First Impressions

      Quote: ^indeed it is and my money is fully on this being a joke for these reasons:   1. if you're going to introduce an iem with 20 drivers - which makes no sense from a technical a standpoint - that costs $8000 you'd be damn sure not do it april 1 2. jude claims to hear...
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    the CTH (Compact Tube Hybrid) Rev A thread...

    Quote: I usually bend the middle lead only
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    the CTH (Compact Tube Hybrid) Rev A thread...

      Quote:        I'm not sure what you mean by star ground since this board has a ground plane.  SG is a point on the ground plane which is connected to the power supply ground.  Also, your case and pot should be grounded to the same point unless your pot is well isolated from the...
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    the CTH (Compact Tube Hybrid) Rev A thread...

      Quote: You're probably having charge build up on your case.  It should be grounded for safety, and this will solve the issue you mention.   Here's how I did it:   fyi the other white wire goes to the pot (to stop hum when you touch the volume knob) like so:
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    Sylvania 5814a / 12au7 Yellow Label

    These military grade 12au7 tubes are the rare yellow label type (with halo getter) that are apparently thought to be quite a good 5814a tube (I agree). These are from the private collection of an original owner and have clearly never been used.  Quality is literally as new (as can been seen in...
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    Tiny IEM amp that sound really good

    The major source of bulk isn't the circuit but the gigantic batteries used.  If you want small you need to use Lithium batteries.   I think the community generally doesn't like these battery types because they can potentially explode when misused.   In my opinion the smallest you can...
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    RS-2i worth it or mod the crap out of 325i

    Quote: I disagree.  I find the rs-2 looks better while the rs-1 sounds better.  Serious about the looks - the rs-1 just looks strange on your head because of the long chambers.   Also from what I've seen used rs-1s tend to go between $450 and $500 (maybe a little more for a very new...
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    opamp for mini3~~~!

    Quote: yeah, that's fine assuming it's in focus