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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    As excited as I am with the upcoming release of the KZ ZEX, before I purchase it, I just want to get a few review/observation puns off my chest right now. 1. I spent a lot time listening to the ZEX last night… 2. The joys of the ZEX one hears when… 3. Having the ZEX really… 4. Comparing the...
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    FiiO FD3/FD3 Pro-DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

    I was ready to mention the same thing. Tip rolling is a must with these...
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    Geek Wold Discussion - GK10

    Is the Penon CS819 cable a decent match for the GK10? Just wondering if anyone else is doing this pair up. I’ve got it in my cart at the moment.
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    Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

    These also solved my fit/seal issues too with the 03.
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    Astell&Kern Launches USB-C Dual DAC Cable

    So the 51 arrived. I'm kinda floored by the sound honestly. Just in awe, really. I plugged in my modded KZ DQ6 since they were the nearest IEM to me when I unboxed it and I just don't want to take these out of my ears or turn off the music right now. One small thing: I knew that it didn't have...
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    Astell&Kern Launches USB-C Dual DAC Cable

    I just ordered the PEE51 based on @OspreyAndy recommendation. I don’t think I’ll ever pony up for an A&K player (many of which I’ve read about and lusted over the years). I’m hoping that this dongle will be my mainstay for either of my laptops and I’m crossing my fingers that this will work with...
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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    I just wanted to +1 the @RikudouGoku foam mod for the DQ6. I’ve been listening for over a week with a foam mod of sorts. I didn’t have any of the cheap earbud foam covers as recommended, just the Hiegi foams I had from when I bought a few earbuds some years ago. Not sure if they’re thicker or...
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    This is really sad. This list was really helpful to give everyone a good starting point for researching all these numerous dongles that have been popping up on the market in the last few years.
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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    BA in the nozzle….though it comes with the now-old school KZ starline tips….
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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    I ordered these during the Amazon Prime day sale. My first set of Spinfit tips. I got them for about $3 off. I didn’t really dig them with them with the DQ6 that I also received.
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    RikudouGoku's Database (IEMs/Earbuds/headphones/tips Ranking list, Music list)

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the contributions you’ve made to the community including the cable measurements and recs. And also, regarding the 1/16th foam mod in regards to the KZ DQ6, do you remove the nozzle screen and insert the foam in the nozzle?
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    Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

    @BattleBrat I've owned the Bl-03s since they came out and I'm thinking of buying a second pair now during the Ali summer sale coming up. The screens are really only available via Aliexpress so if you're in the US you'll be waiting for about a month or more to reach you usually. This second set...
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    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Thanks for the mod advice. The Moondrop Aria has been on my radar since I've yet to try one of their IEMs yet. I disliked the paint job on the Starfield and the Aria is definitely a nice looking IEM in the under $100 realm. This mod reminded me of removing the Ibasso IT01 screen which kinda did...
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    How quickly will sweat kill a pair of Etys? I recently started doing indoor cycling and my trainer setup is pretty noisy. I was thinking either of my Etys would be great for isolation purposes but I’m also worried if my 1 hour high intensity cycling workouts (lots of sweat) will bring about some...
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    Luxury & Precision (LP) Portable USB DAC/AMP W1 and W2 (0818 New FW Available, Update Info on Post #1)

    @FooFighter I keep lurking on this thread, thinking of buying the W2. I‘m currently using a USB C OTG charging adapter with my phone (V30), UAPP and either of my USB dac/amps I own that delivers a pure data stream and has so far worked flawlessly...