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    Will the use of a portable amp full time connect damage its battery?

    Hi HFers, I got a FiiO A5 recently and was wondering if I use it full time connect to my desktop thru USB would damage its battery? Any clues? Thnx in advance
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    [HELP] Choosing a open headphone. (HD650 - X2 - DT990 Premium)

    Thanks you it helped a lot. The smsl m3 is enough to drive the Premium 250ohms right?
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    [HELP] Choosing a open headphone. (HD650 - X2 - DT990 Premium)

    Good morning.   First of all I would like to thank the Head-fiers for helping me when I bought my M100, I love this headphone and I owe it to you.   Well, for starters, today I have a V-Moda M100 and an SMSL M3.   Now, since I'm going to the USA in April, I plan to buy an open back...
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    Amp/DAC for my V-Moda M100 and a future Sennheiser HD600

    Good aft HF,   In 2 months I'm going to US and gonna get a Sennheiser HD600 + a amp/dac. I already own a V-Moda M100, so i wanna get a good amp/dac for both the HD600 and the M100.   Atm my options are:   - Magni2 + Modi2 - JLabs O2+Odac combo - FiiO E17 - FiiO E7 - Sony PHA-1   Wut...
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    [PROBLEMS] V-Moda M100 + Asus Xonar DGX

    Up still having the problemas. Vmoda + xonar = mono Vmoda + anything else = normal Sibéria v2, klipsch sii + xonar = normal
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    [PROBLEMS] V-Moda M100 + Asus Xonar DGX

    Hi Head-fiers, I have a Xonar DGX on my desktop and when i plug my M100 on it the sound go Mono. It happens only with this pairing.   Anyone knows wut can it be?
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    [HELP] Need help choosing the correct Headphone Full-size for me.

    Ow thanks for that tip, I was really afraid i would find any store to tryout the headphone. I will send a email asking for the availability =)
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    [HELP WITH FINAL DECISION] Sennheiser HD 600 vs Fidelio X1

    First of all, thanks for replying.   What about a good cable replacement for it? Can u suggest me one? After watching Tyll review i got really woried about the stock ones.
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    [HELP WITH FINAL DECISION] Sennheiser HD 600 vs Fidelio X1

    Good morning,   Last month, I got suggested to look Fidelio X1 as an option. After reading several reviews, I really liked what I saw but I'm still between the HD 600 ( and X1 (http :/ /...
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