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  1. Hyla Sarda IEM

    Selling a mint condition Hyla Sarda IEM. Bought it in May 21. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping to Anywhere.
  2. 64 Audio Nio IEM

    Selling a near mint condition 64 Audio Nio IEM. I’m the second owner. Warranty just ended but it’s sparingly used in office. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping to Anywhere.
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    Comment by 'ratrace' on listing '64 Audio Premium Silver Cable 2.5mm'

    Hi, I had some issues with custom taxes when shipping to Germany and there were some delays with it. So I just want to play it safe.
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    Feedback by 'ratrace' on listing 'WTS/WTT: Beyerdynamic T1(3rd Gen) Headphone'

    Clear and smooth transaction. Friendly and accommodating too. Thanks!!
  5. iFi iDSD Signature

    Selling a open box iFi iDSD Signature. Bought it for office setup in Jul 2021 but ended up using Bluetooth headphone instead. Box was opened up to check the functionality etc. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping to Anywhere except Germany.
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    Feedback by 'ratrace' on listing 'Empire Ears Bravado MKII'

    It's was a great pleasure to deal with @quisxx .. Friendly, decisive and trustworthy! Thanks.
  7. Centrance DAC Port Pro DAC/Amp

    I'm the second owner of the unit.. receipt dated on 17th Mar 2021. Used it less than 10 hrs on my end and the first owner didn't use that long as well.. It sure looks like a brand new unit. Comes with everything else and an extra UGREEN USB C Cable 90 Degree Right Angle (1.5ft length).. RFS ...
  8. Sony IER-M9

    Selling a good condition (slight paint chipped on the right side) Sony IER-M9. Used both 3.5mm and 4.4mm cable and the case.. LL and L tips have been used and will not be included. I put IEM condition as GOOD to be in safe side. There is one slight paint chip on the right side of IEM (please...
  9. Sony IER-Z1R

    Selling a mint condition Sony IER-Z1R (six months old set). it's barely used.. Bought it from Sony official store in Singapore. The receipt can be provided. The 3.5mm cable and IEM are used. The rest of the accessories untouched. Price includes shipping to Anywhere except Germany and PayPal...
  10. Audio-Technica ATH-WP900

    Selling a mint condition WP900 headphone. Bought it from Amazon in Jan 2021. Price is inclusive of PayPal fees and shipping to anywhere except Germany.
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    iFi audio iDSD Signature - The saga continues!

    Maybe the best way is to bring down the unit to the shop and test it out..
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    iFi audio iDSD Signature - The saga continues!

    Haha. Yup, my unit is lucky in that sense. and that's why I'm a bit hesistant to exchange to a new one.. nope, i don't hear any click sound. I got it from Stereo Singapore..
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    iFi audio iDSD Signature - The saga continues!

    I'm using Eco power mode cos that's alr quite loud for my IEM InEar SD5 and Focal Elegia.. With DT1990 Pro, I can try it with other power mode and update you. I am also not sure why there isn't any sound right afte it's powered on and till the knob reaches 10 o'clock. That's just damn weird...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Current, office and local commute setup. Lotoo Paw S1, Acoustune HS1657Cu and B&O E8 3.0...