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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    I am on the fence regarding cables, but as a scientist I hate to see the results of a study misrepresented. While Tyll's measurements found nothing audible, he does indicate "I've got enough experience measuring things that I know measuring the differences cables make on my headphone measurement...
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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    Quote: I completely agree. I used the HD650 for years and recently added the HE-500. IMO the HE-500 easily beats the HD650 for instrumentals and vocals. I am not sure how much head time the 650s are going to get.
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    leather pads for HE60 and HD580/600/650!

    Count me in for one pair HD650.
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    Whether 600 or 650?

    I agree that you should try to listen to both; your ears and preferences are what counts. While both are excellent cans, I prefer the 650 over the 600 for the jazz that I listen to. I find it more refined with fabulous mids.
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    Upgrade to HD580s

    Quote: Originally Posted by koven keep hd580s, upgrade source & amp X2
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    Buying Blindly, HD650 or DT880

    Quote: Originally Posted by GuyDebord If you plan on getting an amp or have one then get the dt880 600ohm, this version of the 880's has no sibilance issues and is more richer and defined with than the 250ohm which IMO are more balanced than the 650. While I truly enjoy my DT880...
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    HD650 / HD600 / HD580 - Comfortable, Uncomfortable, or Fractured?

    Both my 580 and 650 are very comfortable. The 650 has a tighter clamp and needed a small amount of adjustment but now it is quite comfortable.
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    If I didn't like the sound of the Woo tube amps....

    The RSA Raptor offers a much different sound than the Woo amps and is near the upper end of you price limit. It offers a very lively sound while still maintaining the smoothness of tubes. However, some Head-fiers have indicated that the Raptor does not have very good synergy with the K701/2.
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    HD580 > HD650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by moodyrn People keep commenting about his 650s not being properly amped. Which is true, but also keep in mine neither are his 580s. The 580s improve from being properly amped just as much as the 650s. So there's nothing wrong with him preferring them. He's not...
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    Silver Dragon V2

    Nice job on the review. I think you accurately describe the benefits of the SD. I have been using the SD V2 on my 650s for a couple of years now and really enjoy the combination.
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    headroom and hd 650 a bad match?

    I use my 650 with an older HeadRoom Maxed Out Home amp with good results. The 650 is certainly not any darker with the MOH amp than with my Raptor, and the Raptor is not considered a warm amp.
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    Absolutely floored by my new amp - RSA Raptor w/ Tube Rolling Impressions

    I've been using an Amperex 7316 paired with Tung Sol 5687s with very good results. I managed to snag a pair of NOS Slyvania Gold Brand 5687s and first tried them with the Amperex 7316. Boy was that disappointing; lacking in excitement and rolled off in the highs. I had tried an RCA clear top...
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    Absolutely floored by my new amp - RSA Raptor w/ Tube Rolling Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by HeadLover So What is the BEST tubes for this amp, using it with the HD650 and wanting a lot of deep bass with good impact and a good sound overall ? And more important, can you please provide me some links where I can buy it? Thank you! X3 on...
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    Upgrading Creek OBH-21SE --- Heed Canamp or MF X-Can v8

    I would recommend the Heed Canamp. It has very good synergy with the 701s.
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    Thinking of buying the Emmeline II “The Raptor” Headphone Amp

    The Raptor is an absolutely killer combination with the HD650. It really makes the 650 come to life. Tight deep bass, good PRaT and very realitic timbre. Tube rolling options are discussed in the following thread: