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    [POLL] Fiio X5 Lockscreens - Choose your favorites!

      Thirded. I'm pretty sure I've accidentally skipped to the next or previous track while it was screenlocked when pulling the X5 out of my pocket or putting it into the pocket considerably more often than I've intentionally used the feature. It's easily the most annoying thing about the X5 for...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

      I just updated to FW 2.00 and while I got used to the X5's signature quite quickly and found it closer to the DX100 than to the X3 after a short while, updating to FW 2.00 has improved the sound quality by another major step IMO. I didn't listen to it right before upgrading to FW 2.00, but I...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

      There, you answered your own question. FiiO doesn't have the funds that Apple has and won't sell the amount of units Apple would sell, so obviously, they cannot throw as much capital at the development of their "Walkman" as Apple, even if they would want to.
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    FS: iBasso DX100, 10/10 mint, incl. all original accessoires (located in EU)

      Thanks for asking, AManAnd88Keys! I assumed it was easy to find out that an explanation could be found in this post (, but going by the other responses...
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    Fiio x3 vs Fiio x5 or other help please?

    I haven't compared them side by side, but I was able to borrow an X3 for a few days and have now owned the X5 for 3 days and imo the X5 offers better value than the X3 based already on sound quality/price ratio alone. For more details you can check out my posting in the X5 thread...
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    iBasso DX100:24 bit for bit, PG 1> Reviews & Impressions, Downloads, VIDEO, NEW Firmware 1.4.2.

    Quote:   Hey, thanks for the suggestion!   Do others this could work, too? A friend of mine, who is a very competent electronics engineer, said that the electricity would enter into the DX100 through the headphone-headband (I used DT250-250 with my DX100 all the time and I think they...
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    iBasso DX100:24 bit for bit, PG 1> Reviews & Impressions, Downloads, VIDEO, NEW Firmware 1.4.2.

    I'm having a serious problem with my DX100 that I think can only be related to sensitivity of the DX100 to electrostatic discharge.   I got my DX100 end of April 2012 and noticed pretty soon that sometines when I unlocked my postbox or apartment door the volume would fade away for ~half a...
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    "Very Best" DJ Headphone <$500?

    I spotted the Major FX 50 by chance at a local store two days ago and tried them. They sound very good and pronounced, indeed and clamp and isolate well. Personally I didn't find them comfortable enough for prolonged use, though (combination of strong clamping force and stiff, non-swiveling...
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    Looking for classic psy-trance

    I suggest you check these out:   Hallucinogen: Twisted, The Lone Deranger Etnica - Alien Protein, Equator Pleiadians - Identified Flying Object, Family of Light Crop Circles - Tetrahedron Infected Mushroom - The Gathering, Classical Mushroom, B.P.Empire Astral Projection - Trust in...
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    "Very Best" DJ Headphone <$500?

    I've been using the Beyerdynamic DT250-250 for djing for over 10 years. About 1 year ago I bought Sennheiser HD-25 II C ('C'oiled cable) as backup and for cases when the combination of loud venue sound and weak hp amp in the mixer makes me wish for headphones that isolate a bit better and are...
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Hello everyone.   My brother's girlfriend is looking for headphones and since I'm a little out of touch with the general headphone market myself I'm asking you guys/gals here for advice.   Budget is € 200,- and the headphones will be bought in/from Austria.   Requirements:  ...
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    Goa/Psytrance thread!

    caliskimmer: I guess Goa/Psy Trance is under ground pretty much everywhere, except maybe in Goa itself (I've never been there) and I have to agree that goa is more or less dead right now - it's a pity, but hey, at least it was alive for a few years and we can still listen to the goldies from...
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    Goa/Psytrance thread!

    Hey there,   I've been into electronic music all my life, buying 'VA - Rave Now 5' as my first own cd at a record shop at the age of 11. :D I remember listening to the first song of the disc at the shop before buying and being blown away by the dark, brooding atmoshpere and the calm melody...