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    Explorations in Space and Time

    I won't give it a try because I've heard it and I don't like it.  I especially don't like the selection of instruments and the way they're used.  Pink Floyd would be a lot more enjoyable without the constant saxophones and overall jazziness.  There is a reason certain music isn't mainstream...
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    Explorations in Space and Time

    Because the genre of music they are producing in that article is far from mainstream.  It would be nice to have some good-sounding mainstream/pop/rock.  But everything that sounds good these days is weird stuff like classical, jazz, and other weird genres that not everyone is into.  Evidently...
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    Explorations in Space and Time

    Too bad it's not going to be music that anyone in the real world listens to.
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    i can't take the noise from my computer anymore!

    The cheapest thing to do would be to replace all the fans with water blocks and water cool it with the pump and radiator far away.
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    Any precious metal investors around here?

    How does a 15 year old invest in education?  They have to graduate high school first.  I doubt a 15 year old can make enough to send their self to a private school.  I don't even get why a 15 year old should be even worrying about investments.
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    Do you hear voices in pink noise?

    If I look at anything with a pattern my brain literally draws visual lines in my visual field to connect the pattern or show the grain of it.  Kind of hard to explain since it happens visually and it's not a physical thing happening.  My brain is also good at spotting perfect geometry, such as...
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    Do you level your audio?

    For my home library I've always just constantly adjusted analog volume so it is still bit-perfect.  My iPhone is my portable player and I don't think it even supports any kind of replaygain.
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    Ridiculously awesomely mastered albums?

    By this logic Jimi Hendrix sucks, because ANY song I've ever heard by him sounded exactly like some record played on a portable suitcase phonograph, even remastered albums.  By this logic it also means he had no talent.  Your logic is very flawed.  I guess this is why so many people listen to...
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    Ridiculously awesomely mastered albums?

    All of Audioslave's albums sound like crap.  They are compressed and clipped majorly.  Good music, but ever since I've been on the hunt and finding CDs that are original masters (I listen to classic rock) that actually sound good, I can't listen to it anymore just because of the horrible sound...
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    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

    The young adult world pretty much operates the same way as high school these days anyway.  I grew up, while 99% of the other people I see just stayed with their idiotic gossipy ways.   Quote:
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    Vacuum Tubes and Light

    A vacuum is also the only place where light can actually travel at light speed, too.  I thought there was something in my theory, but I suck at searching for stuff, and I tried "vacuum tube shining light" and guess what was found?  Just people on the internet asking about why their vacuum tube...
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    Thunderstorm recordings

    Let's see, he's Italian, I'm sure some kind of money wasn't passed down to him.  You don't just rise to richness from nothing.  Turds are born turds and stars are born stars.  His whole family is in the arts in some function or another.  His sister is Talia Shire, from the Rocky movies, and his...
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    Insomnia anyone?

    I sleep probably 4 hours a night, waking up over and over towards the morning.  When I actually go to bed I am tired and I can't even keep my eyes open, yet I lay there for hours and actually get less tired.  I have no time to cook or exercise, so I don't want to hear that crap.  Even if I did I...
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    Do you hear voices in pink noise?

    It's just the brain trying to understand something random and applying structure to it by its own imagination.  When I was a kid I was scared of a mylar balloon with a smiley face on it.  I was also scared of this one van because the headlights and the grill invoked feelings that it was a face...
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    Thunderstorm recordings

    Here ya go: