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    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    Me too! Since last night (11pm 'ish UK time) and still offline this morning. Also getting a 'Not Secure' warning for the "Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread". Finally when going to Watched Threads I was being taken to the first post instead of first unread post - this now seems to be working...
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    SPL Phonitor X / Phonitor E impressions and Discussion thread

    From the manual: "To protect the headphone power amplifier stage and guarantee a long and consistent performance please note: • Turn down VOLUME before swapping headphones. • Never insert a mono jack plug into the front panel stereo jack. • Make sure that the headphones stereo jack is fully...
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    Schiit Yggdrasil Impressions thread

    Re Blue Jeans cables, have a look here:, prices should include any duties etc. I use an Yggdrasil and I think you'll be very happy with it. I agree with crazychile, wait for the USB update before spending money on a converter, especially if the 'buy better...
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    CanJam London 2019 Impressions thread

    I didn't have my Ether Flows with me so I wasn't able to do a proper comparison - I certainly liked what I heard and would consider trying one out :)
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    CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

    Hi Joe I have my tickets for London 2018 and I also attended last year's event. Could you do the badge thing for me please? I have one for 2016! Kind regards Rod
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    Schiit Ragnarok Amplifier

    My Ragnarok is the same with speakers, haven't tried this with headphones.
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    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    A Schiit CD transport, built the way they do everything else, will be a wonderful thing. Count me in :)
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    Schiit Yggdrasil Impressions thread

    I've been burning in my Analogue 2 upgrade and reached 250 hours today. It's been sounding better all the time! For those concerned about the bass with A2, my thoughts are that pre upgrade the bass sounded excellent in my system. However it now sounds even better so I wouldn't worry about it :)
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    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    Read this and weep!
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    MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open - Impressions Thread

    If you are interested in MrSpeakers headphones contact Mark at electromod ( :)
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    AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Congratulations Letouch, enjoy! I use mine with the foam inserts and am generally very happy using them this way. Perhaps I should explore using them without more often. I will surely experiment when my Forza cable arrives :)
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    AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Hello again Lelouch. My Fiio X5 3rd gen drives the Aeon with room to spare using the DUMMER cable single ended. I also have a Forza AudioWorks Hybrid 2.5mm balanced cable on order to take advantage of the balanced output. I'm happy to post my findings when it arrives :) At the Canjam London...