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    budget vinyl setup possible for >$200?

    I have a lot of vinyl being passed down to me from my parents and I've used this califone that I obtained locally, but I've found that it's not playing my records at the correct speed. Besides, I'd like to have a proper setup. My budget is about $180 dollars for everything. Turntable, Amp and...
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    Why so many people hate Radiohead?

    dont know chords? stay on one note the whole song? have you heard "Paranoid Android"? see i'm not gonna argue people opinions. but when you start pointing out stuff that just isn't true. sunn o))) and radiohead are 2 very different kinds of music. comparing them is just silly. they are...
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    HF-1: Headfier profiteering

    200 originally. people sell them for 350 and even higher. Quote: Originally Posted by Connectz Okay i'm lost. How much was it then and how much is it now?
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    HF-1: Headfier profiteering

    i think all the people saying.."eh, just let it go, stop whining" either already own an HF-1 or aren't fans of the Grado sound. i tried for them when Todd offered the extra 20 or whatever it was. of course, i got the shaft like most others. i'm definitely bums me out how much people are trying...
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn I'm listening to this right now - crazy stuff! good taste, my friend.
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    radiohead - kid a (the album as a whole) daft punk - "harder, better, faster, stronger" from Discovery sigur ros - "untitled #4" from ( ) the flaming lips - "yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1" from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots some of my favourites.
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    HF-1 sale update

    had the money for a pair on the original sale date. but not by the time this one rolled around. oh well.
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    well, add me to the list. koss = bliss

    thanks, i think they look pretty neat myself.
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    well, add me to the list. koss = bliss

    recently bought a portable setup from Jahn here on the forums. the blue portapro drivers on the 75 clips. also, included an evilfire black penguin cmoy. been listening all day and wow. my mouth is wide open. the bass is great. all around just really good sounding setup. have it running...
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    Headphone Test Track

    thanks for the massive attack recommendation. really shows what the bass of my ksc35/cmoy combo is capable of.
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    The Weakest Link: OK Computer - Round 1

    i honestly wouldn't change ok computer at all. or any of their albums after that.
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    Post Your Guitar Thread

    me rocking my tele custom II with dual p90s.
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    Request: hip hop songs with limited swearing

    third for jurrasic 5. really dig em.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#4]

    sondre lerche - days that are over
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    i want to build a amp

    been interested lately myself, also. i was curious. is the list of tools on the tangent site up-to-date? or are there better alternatives to the tools available these days? just looking for a basic setup.