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    Why are all the best cans discontinued?

    Aaahhh!! You all are making good points, but let's face it....the creator of this thread has headphones that are TOP of the maybe he is not satisfied with something else (in a way)? I honestly think that in order for most of us to get the most out of headphones...we have to get sources...
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    Does your head ever get REALLY itchy sometimes?

    lol I wonder if some people actually use lovely breast milk in their cereal (I don't). I made a thread awhile back that said that Eraserhead and David Lynch's 'Short Films' (whatever it's called...the short films of David Lynch?) came on DVD...I don't have them though and I've only seen...
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    Does your head ever get REALLY itchy sometimes?

    I'm not exactly sure of what you meant by "lovely breasts." Is that the stuff that talks to you in the evening; while you are eating cereal? An old and bald man with no balls came up to me while I was sleeping on the roof of a Sennheiser factory...and he said "Look at my lovely breasts and full...
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    What should my occupation be in the future?

    Oh, but I only really need the money for audio equipment.... What did you think?! LOL
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    Does your head ever get REALLY itchy sometimes?

    Hey, what's this 'open your mind' stuff all about? Ha ha, did Edwood just make that up when he wrote that in my big in-ear thread?....... Yeah, obviously I need to grow up a little more though...
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    Does your head ever get REALLY itchy sometimes?

    No, I wasn't intentionally trying to get's just that I do random stuff sometimes, and then after awhile, I realize that it was probably too violent or I wasn't even thinking about it until I visited this thread the next day after making it. In fact, if I only put the...
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    Sony D-NE10/D-NE20 owners...

    I don't know. If you put data on the disc that is not audio (your discs may have some data that the player can't read) then you need to try a different brand or make sure to check that only the audio files are on the disc (I played a disc that had music on it but it was those discs that have...
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    I ordered my Nintendo DS today!

    You guys should check out the stuff on GameFaq's messageboards on the hardware...funny ****, and it shows you how geeky we are. Anyways, I don't think anyone was really saying anything bad about anything in this thread. If it had to do with that response talking about what I wrote, the guy was...
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    Any thoughts on 'Arcade Legends,' or any other arcade machine(s)?

    Yeah, they're expensive all right, but the value of 'Arcade Legends' isn't all that bad compared to other machines. And if your fat, I bet you can lose a lot of weight when standing up to play, compared to sitting down--but it's possible to use a chair anyway. I like marketed products more...
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    picked up my PSP after 5 months

    I dropped a PSP and the sound doesn't work, yet you can hear it when you plug in headphones, but only on the left side... I have a feeling it's going to be replace or repair-time soon! In of the ONLY (I'm talking really REALLY minimal amount of games--at least at this moment) PSP...
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    "The Ten Biggest Lies In Audio" - Can You Believe This?

    Pinocchio picture was the only thing worth noting--if you ask me (only thing imaginative and not CORRUPT, regardless of how true or false everything was).'s stuff like this, that causes natural disasters, war, terrorism/etc...
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    Please check out the movie, 'Rock & Rule!'

    I'm not really a fan of the movie 'Heavy Metal,' (I don't know why though...) but you guys should really check out Rock & Rule (these movies are related because both originated in Canada, are animated, and have a music soundtrack to match their titles). Even if you don't watch TV or movies--it's...
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    When do you think the most expensive headphones will be the new HD580?

    If any of you "know" someone from Sennheiser--you should send the link to this thread, to them. Ahh, I can see it now, man! Portable in-ears and over-the-heads: Better quality...then later on, Orpheus quality (and so on). Sorry--if I'm changing the "topic" a bit. But companies like Sennheiser...
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    When do you think the most expensive headphones will be the new HD580?

    Sending skulls over to get 'woodied,' huh? You know--people like me, would get the wrong idea of that! LOL!
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    What should my occupation be in the future?

    That thing says I'm a Dreamer-Minstrel?! What?! Am I supposed to just say that I'm a let me in?! It doesn't even say what kind of jobs they get! ...and I'm not very positive... Edit: Oh,, no. lol Edit 2: Actually, probably yes...but in the long run, that...