Head Gear Reviews by qsk78
  1. iFi audio NEO iDSD

    5.00 star(s)
    Preamble There is no end to iFi audio’s surprises on how they read my (and, of course, not only my) mind. I think it is a matter of the right marketing strategy and understanding of customer needs. In my opinion they do not just release some new products on the market to compete with other brands but have a clear understanding of why and for whom they are doing it. They do not just chase after numbers and the best measurements results just for the sake of results, but first they think several steps ahead of how this or that product will be...
  2. Earsonics ES5

    5.00 star(s)
    Intro Disclaimer: ES5 were purchased used and went through the shell repair in France – special thanks to SAV (ES service) for great customer service and fast repair. This is not the first and the only Earsonics product I own. I own S-EM6 V2 for more than 2 years. “The first contact” happened in 2013. That was SM64, then ES3 later in 2017. I had some experience with the original S-EM6 in between. “Real love” happened with the 2nd version of the 6BA IEM 2 years ago which were perfectly tuned towards neutrality and reference sound signature. You...
  3. EarSonics S-EM6V2 in-ear monitors

    5.00 star(s)
    Preamble " A white crow" in Russian language idiomatically refers to someone who stands out of a group, looks different, behaves differently. This is exactly the case for the S-EM6 V2 and the rest of Earsonics family. Let me explain where I'm coming from. First of all, I’m not a professional reviewer. I don’t have a huge "fleet" of various IEMs, sources, and cables. And this will be my second review in English on head-fi. The first one was dedicated to a Japanese portable DAC/Amp and its Limited version became my "end of the game source". The 6...
  4. VentureCraft SounDroid Vantam

    4.50 star(s)
    Why Vantam? I was looking for a portable DAC/Amp preferably on PCM chip which is capable to drive both low impedance IEMs and sensitive portable headphones. I guess I found what I need. Here are my thoughts…shortly.   Let's start from its specification (in Japanese but I think it should be clear what they are talking about). My particular unit is on LME49860. There are some other versions of the Vantam with different op-amps.     Package   Very poor. Just Vantam and one usb to micro usb cable. That is basically it. This is nothing for the...